Interview with Business Owner Catherine Ziegler of The Studio, Healdsburg

I had an absolutely fantastic time interviewing Catherine Ziegler, a remarkable business owner. Our conversation was incredibly enlightening, and I believe you’ll gain valuable insights too. Join me as I delve into my Interview with Business Owner Catherine Ziegler.The Studio Healdsburg

Was there a moment that you remember when you knew that you wanted to start your own business?

In 2012 in a Barre class in Berkeley! I loved everything about the studio and the culture. It seemed like such a far away dream at the time, but I had a definitive thought that someday I would love to teach and own a boutique fitness studio.

What piqued your interest and made you know that health & wellness (Barre, Pilates & more) was the industry for you?

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a young child. I was a competitive gymnast and have always been drawn to exercise as an absolute joy in my life. In my early 20’s I became certified as a Personal Trainer and loved working with clients, watching their transformation. When I arrived in a barre class at The Dailey Method in 2012, it was purely by chance. It happened to be the closest fitness studio to my house and with a 3 month baby at home, I was looking for proximity and ease. Barre was like nothing I had ever experienced. The focus on alignment, the deep core work, and incredibly challenging classes changed my way of thinking about body awareness and movement. The classes allowed me to rehabilitate post childbirth and made me stronger than I had ever been. Since then, it has been a 12 year journey deeper into Pilates and other similar modalities.

Prior to founding The Studio, what prior jobs or career paths were you in which led to you opening The Studio, Healdsburg?

I worked in wine sales on the East Coast for many years while I did holistic health coaching and personal training on the side. When I moved to San Francisco 15 years ago, alongside family and friends, I had part ownership of a wine brand called Banshee Wines and currently still have some ownership in a wine import business called Valkyrie Selections.  Being a part of the rise and success of an entrepreneurial brand was incredibly inspiring. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit but knew wine wasn’t the industry where my soul resided. While I was still working in the wine industry, I trained to be a barre teacher and in 2019 left the wine industry to open a Dailey Method franchise in Healdsburg, which became independent as The Studio in February of 2022.

For those not familiar The Studio, can you share a brief history and the concept behind the Studio? What services you offer, who your customer is (besides ME, I love it).

 We are a hybrid model boutique fitness studio. We offer Pilates, barre, cycle, strength, yoga, and kickboxing classes. We attract a fitness community who invests in transformation.  The quality of our classes is rooted in impeccable cueing, high level personal connection, incredible playlists and an inclusive community vibe.  As a former Dailey Method studio, we were lucky to have had the influence of 60+ other Dailey Method studio owners as our inspiration and guide in opening in 2019.  The pandemic changed the course of boutique fitness and we realized in 2021/2022 we wouldn’t be able to survive as a business in the barre studio franchise model. With the blessing of our wonderful Dailey Method supporters, we were able to become independent in February 2022 and rebrand as The Studio.  I had realized that one of the major eomponents missing in our studio was reformer Pilates. There has been a huge rise in demand for reformer Pilates classes in the last several years and introducing them to The Studio was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Where did you study Pilates? Share more about the certification process for those not familiar with it.

I because certified as a barre instructor in 2018, a cycle instructor in 2019 and Pilates certified in 2022.  Foundation Pilates in Petaluma bases their training on the Balanced Body Pilates method and offers a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program.  

Who has been the most influential mentor in your career?

 Jessica Long, a dear friend and mentor of mine, trained me to teach barre at the former barre studio she owned in Santa Rosa. She is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered and I am truly lucky to have been trained by her. She is business savvy, incredibly wise, and a wonderful friend. I am lucky to have her as a mentor in this industry.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you have made in your career?

 I wish I had opened a studio with reformer Pilates sooner!

What is your favorite after work drink?

I don’t drink alcohol as much during the week, but if I do, tequila and mezcal based cocktails are my go to!

What is your favorite local spot in Healdsburg?

 For eating out, I love Little Saint, Molti Amici, and The Madrona!

Tell us something that would surprise people about you?

 I used to be scuba diving certified and did some diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I am completely in awe of the underwater world and love to take my girls (ages 12,10,7) snorkeling whenever I can. When they get older, I would love for us all to dive together.

Catherine Ziegler The Studio Healdsburg

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