Luxury Camping at Mendocino Grove

Immerse yourself in the coastal woods of Mendocino at the Luxury Mendocino Grove Camping site (aka glamping). This glamping site is incredible and full of fabulous amenities. You would have never thought camping could be so glamorous and that’s coming from a Luxury Traveller so trust me on this!

From the beautiful tents, a fabulous team, a sauna for guest use, and lounging areas, Mendocino Grove is a beautiful wilderness getaway for those of you who want to get your hands dirty, but not too dirty! Follow along with me on my journey and read more about the fabulous Luxury Glamping Site at Mendocino Grove to learn all about this glamping adventure.

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Mendogino Grove Tents

As you all know I love to travel and what better than traveling to Mendocino Grove where I can get in touch with the outdoors & nature AND have a luxurious experience. The views at the campsite are stunning (our tent overlooked the coast and the town of Mendocino), and the serene feel made for such a relaxing getaway.

This glamping site is the perfect amount of privacy while also allowing you to feel a sense of community. All of the tents are grouped into 6 neighborhoods of 8-10 tents per location and the tents are on average 30’ apart. And get this, you can stay in just a 2-person tent OR you can purchase a Group/Family tent for bigger groups. I’m telling you, Mendocino Grove is perfect for anyone!

These Luxury Mendocino Grove Tents were so comfortable and cozy. All sites have a fire pit with a grate for grilling and a picnic table to enjoy meals, card games, and wine (of, course). Make sure to reserve pots, pans, and wood so that you have everything set for your glamping adventure. That’s a major PERK about Mendocino Grove they offer everything a guest could need. Pot rental. a Smokes Kit. A firewood set… it’s all available to purchase so you don’t have to pack it all and lug it up.

It was also fun to also have our own leather chairs on our “front porch”. Such a perfect spot to enjoy a book or drink your morning coffee.

As I mentioned, I stayed in the 2-person tent. The tent held this beautiful and comfy bed that came with a down comforter, a heated blanket (which was LIFE changing), and cotton linens. It is safe to say I had a good night’s sleep.

Also, if you are worried about charging your device, at this luxury Mendocino Grove Camping site, don’t worry. While there is availability to charge only compatible devices with the bedside lamps USB port.

And don’t you worry, this Mendocino Grove Camping site isn’t going to leave you without a way to stay clean during your stay! With a bathhouse that offers both indoor and outdoor hot showers, organic E & O products, and fluffy towels you will without a doubt feel refreshed.

Pictured above is the Meadowood Commons area where guests are encouraged to hang out.

I highly recommend hanging out in the common areas to play games, read a book or enjoy a warm cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa. This Mendocino Grove Campsite really is here to support you in a realizing vacation. They even have books offered in their lending library that guests can read. What a perfect way to unplug while in such a beautiful wilderness area.

Yum! The Mendocino Grove luxury camping site commons area even offered a yogurt bar for breakfast. Sitting by the fire and enjoying this tasty bite was such a relaxing experience! I’ve glamped at other locations which do not offer breakfast for guests (complimentary) so this was yet another PERK that is you’ll enjoy while Luxury Camping Mendocino Grove

As if the stay couldn’t get any better, I got to enjoy morning yoga (offered daily at 9am) with stunning views of the ocean.

It was then hiking time! What a beautiful area to explore the fern canyon loop trail!

The trail leads you to a beautiful Mendocino Bay overlook which was beautiful to see. I will definitely have to come back and catch a sunset at this overlook.

Did someone say sauna?? I swear the activities and amenities at this luxury Mendocino Grove camping site are never-ending! This was the perfect way to relax after a lovely walk in the Mendocino Grove woods.

While we loved hanging out at the campsite, it was also lovely that we were close to the village of Mendocino. The village is just 1/4 mile north of the luxury camping Mendocino Grove which is a quick walk or a short drive. With an amazing selection of restaurants, galleries, shops, and pubs, there is so much to do in this beautiful town. And, just look at the gorgeous views that we were met with!

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Wow. WOW! I seriously couldn’t have imagined a better glamping experience. Thank you to Mendocino Grove and their fabulous team for making my stay one to remember. I will be back very soon!

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