Manicube The Hottest New Cube Mani In San Francisco

Manicube The Hottest New Cube Mani In San Francisco

Ladies, pay attention! What I’m about to share with you is going to save you time and money. And, as they say time is money. So by saving you the hassle of sneaking out of the office (let’s be honest, we all sneak out) for our mid-day manicure runs you gain valuable time back in your day.  Score! That’s essentially the concept behind Manicube. Work Is Hard. Manicures Should Be Easy. Designed to Make Working Women’s Lives Easier, Manicube Offers 15-Minute Manicures to Professionals at Corporate Offices. I told you I was going to save you time and money! 


Fresh off the press, Manicube just launched here in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to attend their fabulous launch party at The Battery. This packed party in the penthouse of the Battery (I know poor us celebrating in style) included Manicures, Wine, Bubbly, Bites and a great scene.

You may be wondering, how will this work?   By bringing 15-minute manicures to the office, Manicube eliminates the need for working women to duck out at lunch, race out of the office before the end of the business day, or spend their hard-earned free time on the weekends staying professionally polished.  Getting a manicure as a working woman is a weekly necessity – and chore.  Manicube is the answer to this problem, affording women the time and confidence to carry out their dynamic careers and active day-to-day lives.

“At Manicube, we recognize the daily challenge of work-life balance for the working woman.  Time is her most precious currency and Manicube is designed to save women time – a small, but real, lifestyle change,” said Katina Mountanos, Co-Founder and CEO.  “The average manicure takes about one hour and the majority of U.S. women partake in manicures weekly or every other week, meaning Manicube’s convenient 15-minute treatments can save women up to 52 hours per year.”

Why San Francisco? San Francisco marks the fourth city to welcome Manicube, following successful launches in New York City, Boston, and Chicago, respectively.  Home to the nation’s top tech giants and successful startups, the Bay Area is saturated with companies whose executives and HR personnel are adopting the most cutting edge and satisfying employee benefits.  Manicube introduces an innovative corporate offering that provides businesses a zero-cost way to offer hardworking employees a valuable and needed service within business hours.

“We are thrilled to expand to the west coast, pioneering into San Francisco – a city bustling with young professionals, budding startups, and a rapidly evolving corporate culture,” said Liz Whitman, Co-Founder and President.  “Our business resonates with San Francisco’s early-adopter philosophy, and we are excited to bring our service to savvy companies investing in employee happiness and work-life balance.”

How it Works? User-friendly technology, high-quality products, and the most talented licensed nail technicians are at the core of the Manicube business model.  Manicube utilizes the easiest and most convenient scheduling system within the consumer tech world, allowing customers to book, change, and cancel appointments up to the last-minute. Customers pay online or at the time of service with a credit card for completely cashless transactions.  Manicube makes corporate sign-up and the weekly service process seamless for HR benefits professionals, handling all scheduling, payments, and providing all needed marketing materials.   Companies also have the option to subsidize the service for their employees.  Manicube is not only exceptionally convenient, it’s exceptionally clean.   All highly trained, licensed nail technicians abide by the strictest sanitary protocols and procedures.  Files and buffers are single-use only, and offered for clients to keep post-service, and Manicube uses custom proprietary disposable metal nail implements, ensuring that every client gets a fresh set.

Background. Manicube was founded in 2012 by Katina Mountanos and Liz Whitman (shown below), two Harvard Business School alumni whose careers brought them to the realization that while women were an ever-growing presence in corporate America, male culture continued to dominate.  Working in the finance then beauty industries, they needed to maintain a professional appearance and saw firsthand that getting a weekly manicure as a working woman is essential and time-consuming.  A company for women created by women, Manicube solves this inconvenience with its unique approach to bettering employee benefits programs. Since its July 2012 launch in New York City, Manicube has expanded rapidly, growing its corporate client base in New York, Boston and Chicago, and now serves over 180 corporate clients across a variety of industries and office sizes, including numerous Fortune 100 companies.  Following the launch in San Francisco, Manicube will continue its national expansion, opening in additional major markets over the course of 2015.  For more information about how to get Manicube in your office, visit

Liz-Whitman,-Katina-Mountanos2Co Founders Liz Whitman & Katina Mountanos




Katina-Mountanos,-Brad-Murray,-Lynn-Jurich,-Liz-WhitmanKatina Mountanos, Brad Murray, Lynn Jurich, & Liz Whitman

Atmosphere5Spectacular Battery penthouse views!

Emily-Martin,-Shelby-Park,-Lani-ValeEmily Martin (aka The JetSetting Fashionista), Shelby Park, & Lani Vale

Maryanne-Sangiacomo,-Jennifer-Montana,-Katina-Mountanos,-Liz-Whitman,-Lori-Puccinelli-SternMaryanne-Sangiacomo, Jennifer Montana, Katina Mountanos, Liz Whitman, & Lori Puccinelli Stern

Jordan-Gustafson,-Nahu-Ghebremichael,-Katina-Moutanos,-Liz-Whitman,-Alex-Demore,-Anne-Wylde-SerpenteJordan Gustafson, Nahu Ghebremichael,KatinaMoutanos, Liz Whitman, Alex Demore, & Anne WyldeSerpente

Liz-Whitman,-Katina-MountanosCongratulations Liz Whitman & Katina Mountanos on your new company launch in San Francisco. What a brilliant concept for us ladies!

  Photo credit for images Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography

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  • Chelsea
    March 4, 2015

    What a cool business! I need to call them to the We Heart It office, stat!

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