Omaha Beach & Cemetery in Normandy France

If you’re looking for an amazing day trip from Paris (approximately a 3-4 hours drive), check out Normandy Beach and Cemetery, Normandy France & Mont St. Michel. Both are spectacular sights with amazing history to learn about.

l’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge history buff but seeing Omaha Beach, where the U.S. troops stormed on D-Day, was one of the most amazing, memorable historical sites I’ve ever seen. It looks like a regular beach, very open and bare, until you see all the gorgeous memorials and American flags. I was very moved and enjoyed seeing this historical site recognizing our American soldiers and honoring their heroism.

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If you’re a history buff (or just a fellow American proud of our country and our amazing solders) Normandy Cemetery  is another great spot to see. Regardless, visit the cemetery to recognize where our brave American soldiers fought and where many sacrificed their lives. An amazing part of history similar to seeing the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C., however this is in France. But it’s been given to the U.S. so it’s an American war memorial in Normandy, France. Normany, France. 

Normandy Beach France Sightseeing

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