The Best Rosé Wines of Pinot Noir That I Adore

As you know by now, Pinot Noir is one of my favorite varietals. Which means by default, I love Rosé wines as well (at least those made of Pinot Noir). See a list of some of my favorite Rosé Wines of Pinot Noir I love below.

World of Pinot Noir Rose Lawn Party by Acacia Productions
Bucher Wines

Bucher Wines is a Russian River Winery that I adore (I also do marketing for them so truly adorethem as clients and winemakers). Their Rosé of Pinot Noir is perfect for a hot Spring or Summer day. Purchase online at Bucher Wines here.  Learn more about Bucher Wines and my other favorite Russian River Wineries on the blog here.

National Rose Day

Domaine Drouhin Rosé of Pinot Noir

Domaine Drouhin is a beautiful Willamette Valley Oregon Winery that I visited during my trip to the Willamette Valley. Check out The Top 10 Willamette Valley Oregon Wineries You Must Experience here. I was able to try a bunch of different wines and each one brought something unique to the table. Their Rosé of Pinot Noir was the first delicious drink I had while visiting.

Rose of Pinot Noir

Rose of Pinot Noir

A beautiful view to go with my delicious Rosé. Check out my blog post on the Most Incredible Oregon Vineyards I’ve Visited here.

Donum Estate

Another favorite Rosé of Pinot Noir is by Donum Estate. I’ve been adoring Donum Wines since the first time i visited and their lovely, light, gentle Rosé is as stunning as all of their other wines. Read more about Donum Estate here and see why this is hards down the most beautiful Carneros Winery (with an extensive Art collection) I’ve ever experienced.

Speaking of Carneros, check out my Top 10 Carneros Wineries here as well!

National Rose Day

Dunstan Wines

The Dunstan Wines Rosé of Pinot Noir is another favorite. Not only is the color stunning, super light the flavors are extremely sublte as well. This is for sure a Rosé any Rosé lover must enjoy!

National Rose Day

Gary Farrell Winery

The 2020 Gary Farrell Winery Rosé of Pinot Noir with grapes from Santa Maria Valley was absolutely lovey. It was super ligth and delicate and perfect for easy drinking on a hot summer day!  Read more about Gary Farrell in my Healdsburg Top 10 Wineries here.

National Rose Day

Grand Morain Rosé

This is a lovely Rosé from Oregon made by Grand Morain. It’s super light, drinkable and perfect for the warmer Spring or summer months. Shop Grand Morain Rosé here.

Gran Moraine Rose

MacRostie Wines

MacRostie Wines recently launched a Sparkling Rosé I enjoyed at this year’s World of Pinot Noir and fell in love. It’s super light, feminine, beautiful and easy to drink. Purchase online at MacRostie Winery here.

Rose Wines of Pinot Noir

MacRostie Wines Rose

Mindego Ridge Rosé of Pinot Noir

Mindego Ridge produces great wines from the Santa Cruz mountain area. I’ve recently tried their Rosé of Pinot Noir which has such a fresh and vibrant taste. This Rosé has hints of strawberry and watermelon which gives it such a delicious taste. Check out the Mindego Ridge website here to see for yourself!

Rose Wines of Pinot Noir

So in love with these Rosé Wines of Pinot Noir that I even enjoyed them for my birthday.

Paul Lato Wines Rosé

Paul Lato is one of my favorite Winemakers located in the Santa Barbara region. Not only because his wines are beyond gorgeous but he’s super nice, approachable and has the best energy and passion for wines it’s beyond special tasting his wines with him.  I recently hosted an Instagram Live with Paul, see on my YouTube Channel here and fell in love with this gorgeous Rosé.

Purchase online at and use the code JSF to save 15% if you purchase 3 bottles. Happy Rose tasting!  Shop Paul Lato Wines here.

Paul Lato Wines

Paul Lato Rose

 Red Car Wines Rosé of Pinot Noir

When I think of Rosé Wines Red Car is one of the most popular, reliable Rosé Wines that I’ve been drinking for years and always enjoy. Shop Red Car Rose here.

Red Car Wines RoseRed Car Wines Rose

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Trombetta Rosé of Pinot Noir

Trombetta Wines is a newer wine I’ve recently tried and adore! The Trombetta Rosé of Pinot Noir shown below is absolutely delicious and you must try it, see this and more Trombetta Wines here.

Rose Wines of Pinot Noir

Rose Wines of Pinot Noir

I’ve even had the opportunity to Interview Winemaker Erica Stancliff of Trombetta Wines on my blog here.


I’ve adored Valette Wines for many years, and their Rosé is just as spectacular. Their Rosé of Pinot Noir is refreshing and bright just as much as it is delicious. Check out the Valette website here.

Rosé Wines of Pinot Noir

See my visit to Valette, The Healdsburg Gem on my blog here.

Rosé Wines of Pinot Noir

Rosé Wines of Pinot Noir

Cheers to some fabulous Rosé of Pinot Noir that you’re going to love this upcoming Spring & Summer!

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