The Best Rosé Wines I’m Loving Now Just in Time for Summer

As you know by now, Pinot Noir is one of my favorite varietals which means by default, I love Rosé wines as well (at least those made of Pinot Noir). See a list of some of my favorite Rosé Wines I love below.

Bucher Wines

Bucher Wines is a Russian River Winery that I adore (I also do marketing for them so truly adore them as clients and winemakers). Their Rosé of Pinot Noir is perfect for a hot Spring or Summer day. Purchase online at Bucher Wines here.  Learn more about Bucher Wines and my other favorite Russian River Wineries on the blog here.

Bucher Wines Rose of Pinot Noir

Edaphos Wines Eugenia Rose

This Rose from Edaphos Wines is the exact style I adore. Super light, fresh and stunning, very similar to a Provincial style Rose for that of you (like me) who LOVE Provencial Rose this is made of Cinsault.   It’s perfect for light summer drinking. I paired this with spicey food and it was fabulous. Shop Edaphos Wines on their website here.

Ernest Vineyards 2016 Rose of Pinot Noir The Motley


Frank Family Wines

The Frank Family Vineyards Brut Rosé is beyond lovely. It’s very light, delicate and also a Sparkling Wine which makes that much more fun to enjoy! Shop Frank Family Vineyard Brut Rose here.

Frank Family Wines Brut Rose

Gary Farrell Wines Rose

This super limited Rosé which they only produce a small number of cases for is lovely! I have a bottle and am torn on when to open it as they’re sold out but it’s so delicious I want to enjoy it. Purchase Gary Farrell Wines online here.

Gary Farrell Wines Rose

Grand Morain Rose

This is a lovely Rosé from Oregon made by Grand Morain. It’s super light, drinkable and perfect for the warmer Spring or summer months. Shop Grand Morain Rose here.


Gran Moraine Rose

MacRostie Wines

MacRostie Wines recently launched a Sparkling Rose I enjoyed at this year’s World of Pinot Noir and fell in love. It’s super light, feminine, beautiful and easy to drink. .Purchase online at MacRostie Winery here.

World of Pinot Noir Rose Lawn Party by Acacia Productions

Paul Lato Wines Rose

Paul Lato is one of my favorite Winemakers located in the Santa Barbara region. Not only because his wines are beyond gorgeous but he’s super nice, approachable and has the best energy and passion for wines it’s beyond special tasting his wines with him.  I recently hosted an Instagram Live with Paul, see on my YouTube Channel here and fell in love with this gorgeous Rose.

Purchase online at and use the code JSF to save 15% if you purchase 3 bottles. Happy Rose tasting!  Shop Paul Lato Wines here.

Paul Lato Wines

Pence Family Wines Rose

Pence Family Wines is a Winery located in Sta. Rita Hills, a region I adore and love the wines from. Read more about my favorite Sta. Rita Hills Wineries here. The Pence Family Wines Rosé is stunning. It’s super light, delicate, beautiful, and very delicious with food as shown below how I enjoyed it with Blaire and Diane Pence during a visit to their winery. Read more about Pence Family Wines here.

Pence Vineyards & Winery

Rusack Vineyards

Rusack Vineyards is a fabulous winery located in Ballard Canyon making stunning wines. This Rosé is super drinkable, light, and easy. The soft pink color is just as beautiful as the flavors. Shop Rusack Vineyards here.

Rusack Vineyards

 Red Car Wines Rose

When I think of Rosé Wines Red Car is one of the most popular, reliable Rosé Wines that I’ve been drinking for years and always enjoy. Shop Red Car Rose here.

Red Car Wines RoseRed Car Wines Rose

Sea Smoke Vineyards

Another beautiful Rosé on this list is the Sea Smoke Vineyards, Sparkling Rosé. I had this during my visit to Sea Smoke Vineyards (which was spectacular).  This is extremely light, with beautiful floral flavors and a delicate expression that was amazing!  Shop Sea Smoke Vineyards wines here.

Sea Smoke Vineyards

Sea Smoke Vineyards

Smith Devereux Wines

I recently hosted an Instagram Live with my friend Ian Devereux-White of Smith-Devereux Wines and fell in LOVE with this Rose. It’s called the Constantine Vacationer and after drinking it you’ll see why. It’s super light, crisp, and very easy to drink. It’s really an everybody Rose meaning everyone will love it. And the best part it’s only $17. Purchase online here and be sure to mention JSF IG Live so they know I told you about it!

Devereux-White Rose

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