The Best Sonoma Syrah Wines Any Syrah Lover Must Taste

Syrah Wines have such rich and delicious flavors that I absolutely adore. For those of you that prefer the darker red wines for your palette, you’re going to want to keep reading to see the Best Sonoma Syrah Wines I am loving. Location and temperature is key when winemaking and will determine the flavors rooted in the wines produced. I will be sharing my list for The Best Sonoma Syrah Wines below. 

Anaba Wines

Anaba Wines is a Sonoma Winery producing some of the most elegant, exciting Sonoma Wines. The 2017 Syrah contains flavors of subtle white pepper, black cherry, and blackberry. See the Anaba Wines website here to purchase their delicious Sonoma Syrah Wine.

Sonoma Syrah Wines, Anaba

It’s no surprise their amazing Winemaker Katy La Rue has a talent for beautiful, elegant wines that I adore. Read my interview with Winemaker Katy La Rue here.

Sonoma Syrah Wines

The Anaba Syrah has amazing deep intensity with black cheery, and dark red fruit flavors as well as  earth and forest flavors. I found this to be delicious, with super smooth texture and very rich deep flavors.

Belden Barns

Belden Barns is a brand I was first introduced to the wine by a client, Live Fire Pizza in Napa’s Oxbow Market. After one sip I fell in love and knew I had to connect with this brand and learn more. This Sonoma Syrah Wine is delicious, you have to try it!

Sonoma Syrah Wines, Belden Barns

The Belden Barns Syrah like their other wines is quite lovely. It has a wonderful texture and Plum flavors with floral aromatics combined with spicey flavors.  Any Syrah lover will enjoy this lovely wine, a Sonoma Best Syrah indeed!

Sonoma Syrah Wines

I was lucky enough to visit Belden Barns and taste their fabulous Syrah. See my blog post on The Family Owned Sonoma Gem, Belden Barns.

Bricoleur Vineyards

This wine has noted of wild-thyme, pepper-tree and bay leaf aromas that sit so nicely on the palate. This is definitely one of the highlights of this vineyard and it does sell out often so make sure to grab a bottle when you get the chance! Check out more from Bricoleur Vineyards here.

Photo Courtesy of Bricoleur Vineyards

Cline Cellars

With generous aromas of black pepper, coffee, and berries. The Sonoma Coast region of Cline Cellars gives the ripe, bold, and delicious flavors the Cline Cellars Syrah. See the Cline Cellars website here to purchase their 2017 Syrah for only 22$!

Sonoma Syrah Wines, Cline Cellars


Copain Wines is a Sonoma winery that hosted at my Inagaural Pinots & Plaid Pinot Noir Tasting and adore. I had the chance to visit this beautiful Sonoma gem and fell in love. Read more about my visit to Copain Winery, a Sonoma Winery You Won’t Want to Miss.  As for their Syrah which comes from Anderson Valley’s Yorkville Highlands it is a bold Syrah with Red Rasberry and Boisonberry fruit flavors, with elements of stone and spiciness adding to the complexity of this lovely wine.

Copain Cellars

Donelan Family Wines

This family-owned winery is a brand I’ve been a fan of since meeting Donnellan and his brother at an event in the Healdsburg Plaza. What great guys making lovely wines such as their Syrah, indeed a Best Sonoma Syrah to try.  Donelan Family Wines has great Syrah Wines that perfectly capture the essence of Sonoma’s Syrah Wines. The great flavors and experience is incomparable, check out the Donelan Family Wines website here.

Sonoma Syrah Wines, Donelan

The Donelan Cuvee Christine has meaty flavors of Blackberry, Fig & Dark Chocolate flavors with elegant soft texture yet rich in style. The fruit is outstanding, complimented by meaty and savory flavors and Black Pepper on the finish.

Keller Estate

Keller Estate is a brand that I absolutely adore! The Keller Estate Syrah has great flavor and is perfect for pairing with your favorite meals. Check out my visit with the Keller Estate’s Winemaker Dinner.

Sonoma Syrah Wines

The Keller Estate 2016 Rotie is medium to deep ruby in color with savory flavors of Violet, Cocoa, White Peppers, Olive and Black Cherries. This was one of the most easy to drink in my list of the Best Sonoma Syrah Wines I adore!

Kobler Estate

The Kobler Estate Syrah opens with sweet tobacco following with a blackberry and white pepper aroma. It finishes with a hickory and vanilla taste on the palate. Read more about the Kobler Estate Syrah here.

Best Sonoma Syrahs

Peay Vineyards

With the cool weather of Northern California, Peay Vineyards retains the fabulous flavors of its location that warmer locations aren’t able to preserve. The olive, floral, pepper and meat aromas are present in their Syrah that is delicious. It has the perfect balance you must try for yourself. Learn more on the Peay Vineyards website and read about the stunning Peay Vineyards on my Most Spectacular Vineyards in California Blog post here.

Best Sonoma Syrahs, Peay

Ramey Wines

Ramey’s rich and beautifully balanced wines are unlike no other. I had this Valentine’s Day at dinner at Valette (A Healdsburg gem I adore) and it blew my mind.  With super silky textures, and earthy, smokey flavors paired with BlackBerry, Black Pepper, Forest Floor, and earth I love this. It may be fair to say this is my Favorite Syrah on this list! These handcrafted and innovative wines leave you wanting more. Read more about Ramey Wines and their delicious wines on their website.

Sonoma Syrah Wines

Red Car Wines

Producing fruit of tremendous concentration, the savory components of the Syrah from Red Car Wines is unlike no other. Red Car Wines embraces the fact that all wines are flavored differently depending on where they are produced, and they truly embrace the Sonoma climate which is what I enjoyed about this lovely, earthy, and complex Sonoma Coast Syrah. Purchase your bottle of Red Car Syrah Wine on their website here.

Sonoma Syrah Wines, red Car wines

Sosie Wines

With a balance of fruit and spice, filling your tastebuds with loads of flavors and feelings. With every sip you can taste the array of big red fruit flavors such as prune combined with tobacco, oak, clove, cinnamon & black pepper. Check out the Sosie Wines website here to purchase a bottle their delicious Syrah Wine.

Sonoma Syrah Wines, Sosie

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