What to pack for a 2 day trip or in my case 36 hours in Las Vegas!

What to pack for a 2 day trip

Or in my case, 36 hours in Las Vegas!

You’ll find below the items I packed for a recent business trip to Las Vegas, while attending Food Fight Write’s Food Blogger Conference. With this packing list, I couldn’t have been more prepared for both work and fun evening non work (pleasure) events.   If you follow this list, you’ll be prepared for a 36 hour, or we can say 48 hour trip. Remember, the below packing list, includes both work appropriate and leisure items. I include both because when I’m on a work trip I still end up meeting up with friends for a drink and doing some fun personal events requiring a different attire than day time work events.

What to pack:

What to pack for a 2 day tripEverything on the packing list laid out pre packing the suit case

1. Blazers (min 2, 3rd optional): You don’t need 3, but if you want that extra option to wear during the evening that’s a little more FUN than your daytime blazers I’d suggest a 3rd.


A simple black leather blazer (shown on top left & below) You can’t go wrong with as it matches everything.  My Alice & Olivia Colton Black Leather Drape Blazer is my go to,  but any black blazer you like will work!

What to pack for 36 hoursAlice & Olivia Colton Black Leather Drape Blazer

A colored blazer. In my case it’s a Pink Leather Blazer from Piperlime, however, the below River Island’s Pink Leather Blazer is similar and only $110!!  My pink blazer was one of the BEST investments based on how much I wear it and I would HAVE paid $500, even though it was only $110. Goes to show an item does NOT have to be expensive to be fabulous!

What to pack for 36 hoursRiver Island’s Pink Leather Blazer, adorable and only $110

3rd option A FUN statement piece. In my case it’s my absolute FAVORITE Louis Vuitton short sleeve blazer (center blazer top row). I get compliments on it EVERY time I wear it and always feel like a Million $. Every girl should have one or two of these pieces in their wardrobe. If you don’t have one, get one!!


2. Pants: Since I live in laid back Cali my 2 pants are both denim, one dark and one worn.  For a more corporate environment (like my New York corporate days) I’d suggest black pants for day and a denim for evening/fun.

Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans. For the past few years, ever since Gap redesigned their jeans (and they now fit as well as JBrand Jeans for 1/4 of the price) I’ve been wearing Gap Jeans.   Great fit, great washes and a great price. Win win!

3. Tops (2) & layering pieces (2): I like to wear a thin tank top under most blazers, the Banana Republic Tank is my FAVORITE! For night I wear a more fun, sexy top.   It’s always nice to have an option for an outfit change after a long day working to freshen up your look and go from day to-night!

IMG_7088Top row: Going out tops, both from Banana Republic. Great tops I got during their Friends & Family at awesome 50% prices!

IMG_7083Bottom Row: Layering Tops JCrew Vintage Tee (Grey & White) & a Brown Banana Republic Tank Top

4. Shoes (2, option 3rd if room or working out): I’ve learned I only need 2 shoes for a short trip. A comfortable flat and a heel. Typically, my comfortable flat is my Chanel Ballet Flat or a JCrew Ballet. My heel is usually my JCrew Valentina Pump in Black or Metallic depending on what I pack. The metallic adds some fun to the packing list vs a more traditional (boring to be honest) black heel.

What to pack for a 2 day tripJCrew Valentina Mirror Metalic Pump & Chanel Beige & Black Ballet Flats

5. Jewelry: When traveling I usually wear studs during the day and a more fun larger evening for evening. My favorite studs are Black & Diamond color from Kate Spade. My larger evening earrings lately have been two of my favorite JCrew earrings or my favorite Banana Republic chandelier earrings. Whichever I wear they usually get a few compliments guaranteed!

IMG_7103My Toiletries, Make up Bag, Earrings and small Jewelry pouch… YES I love monogram!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.25.50 AMKate Spade Black Small Square Stud Earrings

What to pack for 36 hoursKate Spade Black Small Clear Stud Earrings

6. Belt (1-2) A simple black belt is a must plus a second neutral color such as brown or beige  depending on what tops you pack (shown above in packing picture).

7. PJ’s (1)  & Slippers (1) – Comfy PJ’s are a must to settle into a hotel room and the first thing I do when I take off my shoes is put on slippers. I always pack a pair (from prior visits to other hotels).  As for PJ’s, I love my Gap sleeping pant with an old t-shirt. No frills when I’m sleeping.

8. Electronics & Chargers: This is probably the MOST important thing to pack. Especially as a blogger. I’m always on my devices tweeting, sharing on Instagram, listening to music or working on a blog post. My list includes:

Iphone/Ipad/Iphone Car/Laptop (if I bring my computer, this trip I tried just an IPad and it was much lighter and seemed to be ok) chargers
Backup charger (I learned rather than be dependent on finding an outlet every few hours I bring my own back up charger) which is awesome. It gives me 2-3 phone chargers which will last me at least a day (until I can recharge the charger overnight)
Iphone Car Charger

9. Silk Scarf/Blanket (1): This is also one of the most universal items I pack. While flying it doubles as a blanket. Otherwise, it’s a neck scarf adding extra warmth to whatever I’m wearing. My go to is a Louis Vuitton Monogram Silk Scarf which I have in Ivory, Pink and Navy Blue. Depending on what I’ve packed will determine which color gets packed!

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 7.31.32 PMLouis Vuitton Monogram Silk Shawl…. one of the best investments you’ll make! 

10. Suitcase (1) & Bags (2). Suitcase, a daytime tote, in my case is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and an evening clutch. Lately, I’ve been using my Leopard Clutch (a Banana Republic oldie but goodie). I am a HUGE Leopard lover so it adds that fun to any outfit.

IMG_7108Louis Vuitton Monogram Pegase Suitcase & Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull Tote

11. Underwear (2x # of days away), Bras (2 Neutral & a black) & Socks (only if I’m working out):

12. Optional Workout Pant (1) & Top (1) ONLY if I know I’ll have time to do a workout. If not, I’ve stopped packing it to pack it. In this case I knew I had back to back meetings and would NOT workout so I didn’t even both packing anything except my comfy flying pants shown below.

Athleta City Jogger PantAthleta City Jogger is my new favorite work out pant as it doubles as a casual pant to travel in AND a great workout option

13. Optional Sleep Kit: My sleep kit includes an eye mask and ear plugs. Allows me to sleep in any hotel, on any plane blocking out noise and light. Priceless!!!

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