Where to Eat in Florence, Italy

Where to Eat in Florence Italy 

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Florence Italy twice. Both visits were during the Spring of 2000 when I was studying abroad in London. Two of my dear friends from college Alana and Lisa were studying in Florence and I’d heard it was amazing so I decided I must go see Florence for myself. My favorite part of Florence is the small, intimate city feel, the amazing culture and history, and lastly the FOOD! 

Since I haven’t been to Florence in over 10 years I solicited my dear friend Alana also a Jetsetting Fashionista Board member (who was also recently there for her 30th Birthday) to refresh my memory on some of her favorite places and spots we enjoyed during my visit. Below are her restaurant, cafe, and nightlife recommendations. Thank you Alana for your amazing guest editing piece on the JSF.

Ristorante Il Latini – This is a very fun, busy restaurant.  There are a couple of dinner seating times per night so check with your hotel on the times. Seating is communal in this restaurant so it’s a great place to go to meet other people (definitely not a romantic destination).  Both locals and tourists alike frequent this restaurant.  

* Note: This is one of Rachel Ray’s favorite restaurants which she recommends on her Rachel Ray Travels in Florence Review. Palchetti 6/r. 50123 Florence, Italy. 055-210916.

Aqua Al 2 – This is located in the Santa Croce area of Florence.  This is one of Alana’s absolute favorite restaurants and an absolute “must try” when in Florence.  She says you have to try their famous pasta sampler and the balsamic steak and you’ll need a reservation for dinner as this restaurant gets very crowded and is very popular!  They also have a location in San Diego. Via della Vigna Vecchia. 40r – 50122. 055-284170.

Trattoria Za Za – Located in the Mercato Centrale.  This restaurant is very popular with the locals which is always a good sign.   A basic Italian trattoria with great food… pasta, pizza, etc… Via della Studa, 25-r. 50123 Florence, Italy. 055-215411.

Trattoria Baldovino – This is located right across from Santa Croce and its a delicious Italian trattoria / pizzeria.  This was frequented by  Alana during her time abroad so it comes highly recommended. She also suggests you try their famous Chocolate Cake! Via San Giuseppe, 22. 50122 Florence, Italy. 055-241773.

La Giostra Restaurant – My friend Alana has sent multiple friends here who have traveled to Florence on their honeymoons and she’s been told that this is the “best restaurant that they’ve ever eaten at.”  I think that speaks for itself. Borgo Pinti, 12. 50121 Florence, Italy. 055-241341.

I Ghibellini – This is another delicious Italian Trattoria located in the Santa Croce area as well.  All food here is great!  And it is another restaurant that is popular with the locals.  Piazza di San Pier Maggiore, 8FlorenceItaly. 055-214424.

Restaurant Antico Noe – Alana’s exact words to describe this spot is “What can I say besides THE BEST SANDWICH IN THE WORLD!”  It also is the smallest little restaurant that you will ever see.  Don’t expect to sit down and enjoy your meal… at Antico Noe you get your sandwich to go.  The entire restaurant holds about two people – standing.  The worst thing about Antico Noe is that it is very hard to find.  If you can find I Ghibellini – you’re almost there… it is across from I Ghibellini but is under a little bridge/walkway.  Ask any students and they should be able to direct you to Antico Noe as it is a favorite of students (American and Italian). Volta di San Piero, 6-red. 50122 Florence, Italy. 234- 0838.

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  • Jeannine Neavolls
    June 21, 2014

    Love Florence. Where do you recommend staying? Also I loved eating at Trattoria quatro Leoni, delicious.

    • JSFashionista
      June 22, 2014

      Jeannine, I’m glad you too are a Florence fan. During my last visits I stayed with a friend however, I’d recommend my usual favorites; either a Starwood Property, The Ritz-Carlton, or a more boutique hotel. Let me know when you plan your trip. I’m happy to look into some options for you!!

  • AJK
    June 23, 2014

    What are some good day trips that you recommend in/around Florence? I’m planning a trip to Tuscany this fall. Can’t wait!

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