Collective Napa Valley celebrating Wine Lovers worldwide

What is Collective Napa Valley?

Collective Napa Valley celebrates wine lovers worldwide who share a common passion for doing good for Napa Valley and who understand stewardship of Napa’s land and resources also means caring for children, neighbors, and our collective future.

By joining Collective Napa Valley, you do good while coming together to enjoy wine. Members will gather around the table throughout the year to raise a glass, savor amazing meals, form bonds, and together will protect Napa Valley’s precious natural resources.

Find out more about which Collective Napa Valley membership level (including the Complimentary level) is right for you online here.

Building the Community

The power of bringing together wine enthusiasts

Napa Valley understands the importance of the greater community and a community of wine enthusiasts who share in their love of Napa Valley wines and the natural environment. Collective Napa Valley is for everyone sharing those same interests. There is a place at our proverbial table for anyone who loves wine and believes in doing good.

You are invited to join by making a steadfast commitment to new, evolving, and innovative methods of fundraising.

Benefits to Joining

Exclusive access to events and content made for Napa Valley wine enthusiasts like you.

  • Participation in seasonal offerings with curated events
  • Engagement with Napa Valley vintner members
  • Opportunities to expand your wine knowledge
  • Access to special wine events and offers
Year-Round Experiences

The Collective Napa Valley community will have access to a variety of year-round programs and events, providing opportunities to participate, engage and explore—online and in person.

Learn more about joining The Collective Napa Valley online here!

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