10 Ways to Stay Healthy, Happy & Remain Calm During San Francisco Shelter In Place

10 Great Ideas while under Shelter In Place

As someone who’s job both with my blog and my business is attending and throwing Events the recent San Francisco Shelter in Place mandate (which I support immensely and think is beyond necessary) has really changed up what I’m used to as a typical routine. In the old days (pre shelter time), my daily work routine included a morning Yoga or Pilates class (at Body Chemistry San Francisco) or at The Assembly San Francisc0 followed by about 4-5 hours of working from home, then in-person meetings and typically an event or two for 3-4 of the evenings and about 50% of my weekends included travel. Fast forward to the current climate where, as of Sunday, March 15th San Francisco residents have been asked to stay HOME for at least 3 weeks to help prevent the growth of the Coronavirus. Don’t get me wrong this is necessary and something that will make something awful hopefully less dangerous and impactful on more of our population but also something very foreign to many of us….

As a result, I’ve thought of creative ways to stay busy, keep my spirits up while also being active physically and mentally. Here are my top 10 ideas to help you out during the Shelter in Place in San Francisco or wherever you live.

1. Sleep & stay rested

If you’re like me, the easiest way for me to get sick is by lack of sleep. So be sure to take time during this slower time to get enough rest. Even an afternoon nap if your body is telling you it needs it. When have we ever been told to stay home for 3 weeks? Take advantage and stay well-rested.

2. Eat well

I find that when I’m home I eat much healthier and cleaner than when I dine out. So create a meal plan of healthy options such as salads, soups, proteins. This depends on what you have in your refrigerator and freezer but just because we’re cooped up inside does not mean you have to put on extra weight.  I’m also creating a blog post with where you can order in from local San Francisco Restaurants (a great way to support them during this mandated closed period) and keep your well-fed and happy. A few to get your started include Maison Danel; available online here or on Caviar here, Baker St. Bistro available on Postmates hereGrub Hub here or for those of you in Sonoma, order online with Stockhome Petaluma here.

3. Workout

I am lucky to have a Peloton Bike so have kept quite busy working out without spin classes and also yoga classes which I adore! If you’re thinking of getting a Peloton now is the time to do it! If you buy one, use my referral code to save $100 on Peloton Accessories with your purchase.Use code: F3HE3V which saves you $100 on Peloton Accessories (like shoes, a mat…) when you purchase a new bike!

Peloton® | Workouts Streamed Live & On-Demand

Preparing for yoga with my little friend Ernie wanting to join me!

4. Read

2020 is an exciting year for me as I decided I wanted to read MORE! As a result, I started a book club and am intentionally cutting my tv shorter at night to encourage a bit more bedtime reading. Well, this Shelter in Place certainly gives me plenty of time to read. If you’re curious what I’m reading these days check out my GoodReads account here and my Top 10 Favorite Books on the blog here (shown below).

Best Books To Read

5. Cook

As you probably know if you follow me on Instagram and the blog, you know that I love to cook. Especially after moving into my Condo and having a great kitchen to cook in. After I partnered with Wolf and updated my range, it’s hard not to want to cook endlessly. I’m going to use these 3 weeks (possibly more) at home to cook as many recipes as I can (lots of soups to comfort me and provide many meals).  See some of my favorite recipe’s on Epicurious here.

Kitchen Remodel with Wolf & Subzero

Kitchen Remodel with Wolf & Subzero

6. Stay connected with friends

For someone who lives alone (like me) except my darling little friend Ernie who keeps me company it is super isolating living alone and not being able to leave the house or interact with others. Thank goodness we all have face time. Be sure to use it checking in on friends, family, especially older parents or relatives. Be sure to stay connected even if it’s just a one or a two minute, hello it will help you feel more connected with other humans.

7. Get your taxes done

Those of you ahead of the game who have already submitted your taxes, good for you! For the rest of us this quiet time is the perfect time to submit your taxes to your accountant or file them yourself!

8. Work

I just realized this wasn’t on my list yet so I figured I should add it. To an entrepreneur, and small business owner like myself this is literally something I do 7 days a week so I guess it’s assumed. Needless to say, work is a great way to stay busy, keep your mind off of things and hopefully keep you making money. There are many businesses (including mine) and including San Francisco Restaurants and Bay Area Wineries (many of my clients) who have been forced to close which will definitely have long term impacts on businesses and the overall economy. If you have work you can be doing, feel fortunate as some of us don’t have that option while the hospitality industries are on hold during this crazy coronavirus.

9. Entertain yourself with games, movies and tv

As someone who is super engaging most of the day and at public-facing events my downtime is a few hours in front of the DVR. These next few weeks are the perfect time to purge on a few great shows people are recommending, watch movies and be lazy. When do we ever get to be lazy and not be hard on ourselves about it.  If you’re looking for some TV show options a few of my favorite’s are the moment are:

Handmade's Tail

Schitt's Creek

  • Schitt’s Creek (this is worth the $18 season price on Amazon Video) it’s the funniest show on TV I think
  • Handmaid’s Tale (on Hulu) although this may hit a bit too close to home with the current quarantine it’s very entertaining, thrilling and there are quite a few seasons to get caught upon.
  • Modern Family (on Hulu) is always very funny, cheerful and entertaining (something we can use during these challenging times)
  • Game of Thrones for those of you who have still not gotten on this bandwagon. Now is the PERFECT time! I loved it so much that between a few seasons I rewatched the first seasons. It is that good. And I don’t like Sci-Fi and I still love this show.
10. Organize & purge your closets

I find that rainy days or those days that don’t have blue skies in California is when I get the most done at home. For me, this first weekend home was just like that. I organized and purged two closets (my hall closet and my dress closet). This felt so good to not only clean up and give away what I hadn’t used or worn in the last year but it helped give me control of something. Even if the control I had was over my closet now being clean and tidy, that’s something!

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