A16 Restaurant Rockridge The Best Cafe In Oakland

A16 Restaurant Rockridge

The Best Cafe In Oakland

It’s no surprise being a huge A16 San Francisco lover that when the A16 Rockridge launched their new Cafe menu I was invited in to try it!  Just last week, they started offering breakfast bites, Southern Italian Pastries, and coffee from 7am – 11am, then serving Lunch from 11am – 3pm.  It’s the perfect spot during the week for a breakfast, coffee, lunch or on the weekend their Sunday brunch.  If you time it right and arrive around 10/11am (on a weekday) just in time for a late breakfast, you can still squeeze in a late lunch before they close at 3pm.  Brilliant, right! This is exactly what I did.

Upon arriving, I saw their gorgeous spread of Pastries and Italian Breakfast options sprawled across the Bar. It was hard to decide what to order but I finally landed on a Savory Scaccia with Marinara, aka Sicilian Folded Flatbread as the team Chef Rocky, Luca, Cat and myself agreed upon after much brainstorming. The best description is Flatbread wrapped around delicious noodles in a light marinara sauce. Divine, I know. That along with a Latte was the perfect breakfast choice still saving just enough room for the late lunch I knew I’d be having….

For my late lunch I went with a classic Margherita Pizza with Tomato Sauce, Fior Di Latte & Basil.  When it comes to Pizza, I’m a simple girl. I prefer to  taste the fresh cheese and marinara sauce vs. a pizza with so many toppings cluttering it you don’t get to savor and enjoy the pizza. Jackpot, this pizza was just as  I remembered it. Delicious!

A16 Rockridge may be my new favorite cafe for eating, hanging out, and working remotely/blogging.  The environment is bright with a cheerful, friendly, attentive staff, and delicious food.   That combined with their pre-existing Lunch and Dinner menu (which I love and know very well) make for quite a fabulous Dining experience no matter what time you visit! Go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. 5356 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618. 510-768-8003

A16 Rockridge




IMG_4400The delicious spread of Savory Scaccia (Sicilian Folded Flatbread) that was delicious!




IMG_4405The Sweet Assortment

IMG_4408I was having a productive morning enjoying breakfast at the Cafe & Blogging. It doesn’t get much better than that!

IMG_4412The team: Cat, Luca and Chef Rocky introducing me to Orange Wine

IMG_4416The delicious Margherita Pizza & Orange Wine which I enjoyed for lunch


 DISCLOSURE: The JetSetting Fashionista enjoyed complimentary meals during this visit. However, The J.S.F. was not paid to write this post. The J.S.F. only write posts or features about food, hotels, products or destinations that she personally enjoys and proudly endorses and wants to share with my friends, family and readers. All opinions expressed are her own.  

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