Perf-Fekt Beauty Products & The Perfect Tan

Per-Fekt Beauty Products &

The Perfect Tan….

Those of you who have survived dreary winter months with out sun (remember I am a Midwest girl so I had about 30 of those Winters until moving to California) will be forever in debt to me for sharing with you this AMAZING Self Tanning product I’ve fallen for….. It’s called Per-Fekt Body Perfection Gel/Tan and it does exactly what it says it’s going to do. It takes a pale pasty leg (at least that’s how I feel my legs were pre Per-Fekt Body Perfection Gel/Tan ) and gives it a smooth, soft, silky feel while adding a dark bronze tint to your leg. Note, it’s not like a tanning bad that is damaging and burning your skin so will remain like a suntan. It will come off the next time you shower since it’s really just a heavy make up based cream/gel.  I’ve used this three times in the past week and have fallen in love!! Thank you Per-Fekt for making this amazing product, it’s a gals best friend.

Perkfect, The Perfect Tan

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Another Per-Fekt product that I discovered when I tried the Body Perfection Gel/Tan was Per-Fekt Skin Perfection Gel. This reminds me of B & B cream, another product I love and use daily. The beauty of the Skin Perfection Gel is it evens out your skin also giving your face that silky soft porcelain feel to it (when you touch your skin it all feels evenly smooth and balanced) and it hides blemishes or any red marks. J.S.F. Tip, to learn how to apply the product perfectly, read more from the experts at Per-Fekt who explain it very well on their website (excerpt below). If you’re wondering where to buy Per-Fekt, check their website or else Sephora. Happy shopping!

Perfect Beauty Products

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Perf-Fekt Beauty Products & The Perfect Tan

DISCLOSURE: The products described in this post were given to the The JetSetting Fashionista complimentary.  However, The J.S.F. was not paid to write this post. The J.S.F. only write posts or features about food, hotels, products or destinations that she personally enjoys and proudly endorses and wants to share with my friends, family and readers. All opinions expressed are her own. 

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