California: Berkeley Los Cilantros Cocina Mexicana

Los Cilantros Cocina Mexicana

Truly authentic Mexican in Berkeley

After attending La Cocina’s Food & Entrepreneurship Conference (August of 2014) I was thrilled to have met a fabulous female entrepreneur and Chef, Dilsa Loga of Los Cilantros Cocina Mexicana. She spoke at a panel I attended, Is Ethnic Food Undervalued which I found both motivational and very educational.  After hearing her success story and how she launched with the help of La Cocina I knew I’d be paying a visit to her Cocina. Her bio states that she’s “A horticulture student from Cuernavaca, Mexico, came to the Bay Area in 2003, went to adult school to learn English, and then took business classes to forge a restaurant plan. Her idea was to open a Mexican restaurant with organic ingredients and family recipes, inspired by the fresh vegetables grown in her parents’ yard.”  See how I was quickly inspired? 

Even if Los Cilantros Cocina Mexicana was in Berkeley, a bit further than my typical commute to the Mission for my favorite Mexican.  I can promise you, a trip over the Bay Bridge, the toll, even getting lost once or twice within Berkeley (a neighborhood I’m not so familiar with) was all worth it for the delicious Carnitas I experienced!

Speaking of Berkeley and Oakland, because to me, as a city dweller they’re one and the same (hopefully I won’t create too many enemies writing that)….They’re both cool new areas outside of the city where people I know are moving. Where restaurants I frequent in the city are opening outposts in, and destinations I’m finding myself planning dinners or trips to visit more frequently. Berkeley and Oakland, prepare yourselves as the J.S.F. is falling for you and I’ll be back more in the future!!

Upon arriving to Los Cilantros Cocina Mexicana I snagged a table on the charming patio, placed my order and patiently waited for my feast to arrive. Since I was eating Mexican I of course, had to try the Chips N’Salsa. Chip’s N Salsa to me is like Popcorn at a Movie Theatre…. Just like I can’t see a movie without popcorn, I can’t eat Mexican food without Chip’s N Salsa.  The salsa was extremely fresh with a heavy diced tomato consistency, my favorite, consisted of fresh onions, cilantro and overall deliciousness. The Tostitos were also great. Very crunchy, thick and salty. Another win in my book.  For my entrees, yes you read that correctly I had two entrees I enjoyed the Carnitas and a Veggie Taco. It wasn’t until after my visit that I was told to order the Carnitas which made me feel like an accomplished diner since I had ordered them without knowing that was one of their specialities. The portion was quite generous, enough for one with leftovers or two to share. They came with corn tortillas and the meat was pull apart tender, just how I like it.  It came with salsa verde, diced onions and cilantro which combined made the perfect taco. The Veggie Taco was another goodie which came with hand-made tortillas, mixed vegetables, cilantro, red onions, lime and salsa.  Delicious as well.  Be sure to hurry over to Berkeley and experience Dilsa’s amazing food for yourself. I’m already planning the next M.D.C. (Mexican Dinner Club) so I can bring the ladies to this amazing restaurant and support Dilsa and her fabulous team. Thanks you for wonderful visit!!  3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705. 510-849-2568.









IMG_2884The J.S.F., Dilsa and her daughter


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