Sausalito California’s Poggio Restaurant

For Foodies like myself,  I’m constantly reading Food & Wine, 7 X 7 Magazine, San Francisco Magazine amongst others. It was one of these magazines which is where I first heard about Sausalito’s Poggio Restaurant and it’s amazing Chef Benjamin Balesteri. When I read that he became Head Chef at 32 I was definitely impressed and intrigued. My curiosity peaked when I learned he spent two years as a Chef at Lincoln in New York, NY.   As a former New Yorker & New York Foodie, I have the utmost respect for New York Dining and anyone that has proven themselves in the New York Restaurant world.   I had to visit this hot new restaurant and see for myself how fabulous Chef Benjamin really was!

After having  Poggio Restaurant on my Marin Restaurant must-visit list for a month or two I finally made it in with some work colleagues. It was a weeknight and much livelier than I’d expect for a Tuesday in the burbs. We were greeted by a pleasant hostess who brought us to our table. Since I had reached out to Chef Benjamin in advance, he was aware that I was coming in that evening and within a few minutes he warmly greeted me and my guests. Talk about a polite and attentive Chef. This is the kind of warm welcome every girl hopes for. I can tell you after many many restaurants visits it’s extremely rare. Yet another reason I love being a California Foodie, in New York City the friendly gesture would most likely not happen.   After chatting and the Chef giving us a few suggestions we ordered (pretty much everything he recommended). The meal was great. Everything was delicious and we all really loved our food, the great service and the vibe of the restaurant. I will definitely be returning probably for lunch next as I’d love to try their wood-over pizza’s next!  777 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

IMG_3245The beyond-delicious bread toasted in olive oil and overall fabulousness that arrives when you’re first seated

IMG_3247The fabulous Scallops with sweet Corn

IMG_3252Tuna on greens with Peaches and crunchy potato chips

IMG_3255The beyond talented and quite adorable Chef Benjamin Balesteri

IMG_3257The fabulous Pasta I enjoyed. Very light and simple yet full of flavor

IMG_3259The amazing Cauliflower appetite. A generous surprise and treat from the kitchen which ended up being my favorite side!

IMG_3262Dessert which was a crumbled Meringue with Ice Cream

IMG_3263Another tasty dessert


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