Collectible Fine Wine Storage The Perfect Spot to Store Wine

As someone who has a large selection of wine building up in my home, it is incredibly refreshing to clear out some space and store my wine at Collectible Fine Wine Storage. For all of you wine connoisseurs out there who are in the same boat, I couldn’t recommend this storage area more.

Collectible Fine Wine Storage maintains a 15,000 square foot, temperature-controlled storage facility in Windsor, Sonoma County that is the perfect secure location to store your loved wines. This storage unit will take great care of your collection, I promise! Interested in reading more about this storage option? I have a detailed review below!

The Lockers
Collectible Fine Wine Storage

Shown are the private lockers which is where I store my wine. There’s plenty of space to load in and out and during the 3-4 times I’ve visited I haven’t run into other wine collectors so you have plenty of space and privacy.

Perks of Using Collective Fine Wine Storage

Collective Fine Wine Storage is incredibly convenient for all wine collectors who want to store their bottles until it’s time to open them! It is even perfect for those of you who are visiting for a short time and want to store wine tasting purchases during your trip.

Collectible Fine Wine Storage

These lockers are huge! Whether you only need storage for 10-12 cases (and opt for ONE locker) or are like me and want 3 lockers stacked together, they offer various options.

Collective Fine Wine Storage services allow for personal wine storage lockers and bulk pallet storage. So, no matter how big the collection is, their team will work with you to meet all of your needs!

Collectible Fine Wine Storage

The Collective Fine Wine Facility has incredible protective efforts including remote access security and fire protection. With 24-hour surveillance and FOB access, you will always have safe access to your wines. ensuring you safely have access to your wines. Also, per California’s Natural Hazard Report the facility is not in a “very high fire severity zone”. This is great to hear!

I absolutely love these storage units. I was able to store my wine in a temperature-controlled area and had an abundance of space.

Collectible Fine Wine Storage

You can even store your wine like this! Collectible Fine Wine Storage helped clear out this customer’s house and instead keep it in a regulated area!

The Storage Area

This warehouse is huge. While you may think your collection is big, everything will fit in their spacious facility.

Something incredibly awesome about Collectible Fine Wine Storage is they are solar powered with a backup generator and top-notch HVAC system. This regulates a consistent temperature of 56 degrees and proper humidity levels.

Ernie loves this spot too… We will be back for my lovely bottles of wine very soon. Thanks again Collectible Fine Wine Storage!

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