Cooking with The Slanted Door Restaurant & Sprouts Cooking Club

For those who know me, you know how much I love to volunteer and give back to my community. I can thank my parents for instilling that trait in me and my sisters at a young age. Growing up in our family volunteering, helping others and giving back was the norm and something I grew to love at a young age.

So, after looking for the right volunteer opportunity in San Francisco, my new City I couldn’t have been happier when I discovered an amazing organization, Sprouts Cooking ClubIt combines three of my passions; Food, Volunteering and spending time with children.  Sprouts Cooking Club’s goal is to teach kids about healthy eating while reminding them about healthy real foods prepared at home or during Sprouts Classes taught with local Chefs.  An excerpt from the Sprouts Founder states “At Sprouts, we are fighting this phenomenon of alienation from real foods by reintroducing the satisfaction and fun of creating real foods.  I’m convinced that by breathing fun and creativity back into the process, we will make healthy, real eating fun again. One way to do this if by cooking with real chefs, hands-on. What better person to teach the kids about healthy foods than someone who is so passionate about good food and real ingredients that they`ve made it their career.  The chefs are culinary heros to the kids.”

Cooking with Slanted Door’s Sous-Chef Alex and Sprouts Cooking Club – I’ve been fortunate to volunteer twice for The Slanted Door’s Cooking classes taught by sous-Chef Alex. They’ve both been great classes. In the first class, we learned how to make Stir Fry, which you can read about here and in the most recent second class I volunteered with we learned Spring Rolls which was awesome! Below are the pictures from the Spring Roll class. Happy cooking!

IMG_0334Chef Alex demonstrating how to dip the rice paper in the warm water

IMG_0339Chef Alex instructing on the best practice for rolling the rolls


IMG_0345The kids excited they’ve completed their Spring Rolls and can relax and eat soon!

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