Lake Nakuru Kenya Africa Safari

Within Kenya, Africa Lake Nakuru Park is the park you visit to see over 2 Million Pink Flamingos. Since Pink is my favorite color, it was a MUST SEE!! Mark of Odyssey Safaris who created our Safari Itinerary suggested Lake Nakuru Park as one of the three Parks to visit while on Safari in Africa (Amboseli & Masai Mara are the other two Kenya Parks).  Lake Nakuru National Park was much smaller and more manageable in size than Amboseli and Masai Mara. It’s a very cool park to see and is do-able in one day. If you have more than one day, you could spend two days and two nights. See below to see some highlights of my visit.

We were fortunate to see both a White and Black Rhinos (I was told this is rate).

The Black Rhino is very anti social so it spends most of its time alone in the woods vs. the White Rhino which grazes with zebra’s, wildebeest….

Note the white ground below some of the Lake pictures. That’s all Flamingo droppings. So many droppings that I thought the ground was white until I realized what the ground covering was. 

We also saw a Leopard which was rare. He/she was hard to spot but thanks to our fabulous guide Eliud we spotted one!




Africa Kenya Lake Nukuru




DSC_0775White Rhino’s grazing together

DSC_0703White Rhino Mom & Baby

DSC_0714White Rhino

DSC_0786Me and My Dad

DSC_0790Our wheels on the edge of the Lake over the white ground (Flamingo droppings)

DSC_0801The Leopard hiding


DSC_0731The loner Black Rhino

DSC_0769The Rhinos are HUGE!

DSC_0737He was quite energized, running and stirring up the dust

DSC_0740Stare down, he definitely won!


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  • Eva Martin
    June 23, 2014

    After reviewing this post and the pictures, my son Henry said he would like me, his dad and brother Oliver to go to Africa. Maybe you can make us an itinerary!

    • JSFashionista
      June 23, 2014

      Eva, I’d be happy to! Just email me and I can help you with some planning ideas. I’d also suggest you contact Odyssey Safaris who put together our Safari and was AMAZING!!!

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