Merenda Sinoira Winery A Piedmonte Rising Brand to Discover

During my last trip to Italy with the team from One On The Hill Winery, I was excited to visit Merenda Sinoira Winery. The winery is run by three young friends who grew up together. They were all born in the heart of Langhe. With Sinoira Winery came from their wish to share a passion for their land with customers.

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Merenda Sinoira Winery
Merenda Sinoira Winery

At Merenda Sinoira Winery, they now have four fabulous wine offerings available. These include their Sapél which is a Langhe Nebbiolo, Séj that is classified as a Barbera d’Alba, Cugia their Brut sparkling wine, and Kidi their Barolo.

Merenda Sinoira Winery

Next time you’re in the Langhe Valley, I truly recommend a stop at this Winery to meet these winemakers and get a taste for truly exceptional wines.

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