The Most Up and Coming Winemakers in Italy to Know

Recently, I was fortunate to take a trip to Italy and visit some Up and Coming Winemakers in Italy with my friends from One on The Hill. Trust me, these are Italian Winemakers to know and they’re all producing stunning wines.

Speaking of great wines, One on the Hill is an amazing Italian Wine Club which has a club in Italy and the US. I’m a member of the wine club and adore their unique brands at great prices always super high quality.

Read more about One on The Hill Wine Clubs in my Favorite Wine Club Guide here.

During our visit to Piedmonte, Italy we spend 4 days visiting current wine makers within One On The Hill and also scouting some new brands of interest. This was such a special opportunity to meet The Most Up and Coming Winemakers in Italy. Read more

To read more about wineries I visited during my trip to Italy, read more below!

The Organic Barone Pizzini Winery
The Incredible Vini La Valle Winery
The Incredible La Montesa Winery

Winemaker Alberto Oggero of Roero Winery

Alberto Oggero (below on the right) strives to make wine in the most territorial way possible. He does this by recovering old, neglected, vineyards and making wine in the cellar that belonged to the person who influenced him the most, his grandfather. Now he has 5 vineyards, all with a different story and defining personality.

Up and Coming Winemakers
Up and Coming Winemakers

Me and Winemaker Alberto Oggero during our tasting. This was one of the most fun tastings with the beautiful vineyard backdrop and getting to enjoy his various wines. His energy, zest for life and passion to create the most interesting and fun wines from his region made this one of my favorite stops.

Cascina Longoria’s Winemaker Alessandra Toso

Started by Giovani Toso in 1894, Cascina Longoria is located in a Piedmontese historical farmhouse. Also, It is currently a fabulous bed and breakfast. His oldest son Carlo with the help of his daughter Alessandra who is also a Winemaker run the winery. Some of their well-known wines are their Barbaresco “Bordini”, Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, Dolcetto d’ Alba DOC, and Barbera d’ Alba Superiore. They offer guided tours of the vineyard and cellar, with delicious food pairings and professional guided tastings.

These wines were the most delicate and feminine we had during this trip. Probably because of Winemaker Alessandra’s influence (I truly believe females make more delicate wines than men, whether you agree or not is your personal opinion).

Cascina Longoria
Up and Coming Winemakers
Up and Coming Winemakers
Cascina Longoria
Cascina San Michele with Winemaker Marco

Marco Minnucci is another up and coming winemaker in Italy that has been making wine since 2010 in Costigliole. He opened the farm Cascina San Michele in 2015 after meeting his partners and the rest is history. A strictly organic approach is what they strive to achieve. This means they don’t use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or other products that could damage the vines. They have fantastically named wines such as Primevr (wines facing different slopes), Briccone (grapes that come from only one hill, Briccone), and Collarosa (Rose wine made with Piedmontese Bonarda). Their winery is perfectly nostalgic and exactly what you would think of when you think of Italy. It is definitely worth a visit!

Up and Coming Winemakers
Ca del Prete

Ca del Prete located in Pino d’Asti and is currently ran by Luca Ferrero. Luca took over in 2014 from his uncle Giorgio Ferrero. The winery itself has been been producing wine in Pino d’Asti for four generations, implementing the organic farming method. Luca is an up-and-coming winemaker who produces artisanal wines from organically grown grapes. His innovative approach to winemaking has helped him to stand out from his peers, with new methodologies implemented from the vineyard to the cellar. The result? Wines that are authentic, unique, and free from chemical adjuvants. Luca is quickly becoming a favorite among wine enthusiasts who appreciate the unique and authentic flavors that he is able to create.

Luca Ferrero - Ca del Prete
Erbaluna Winemakers

Erbaluna is a fourth-generation winery who is currently being run by both Andrea e Severino Oberto brothers. The up and coming winemakers decided in the 1980’s to overhaul the face of their estate and now work strictly organically. Most recently, they were able to purchase new vineyards and converted them to organic cultivation methods. With this, they hope to market worldwide as a way to educate more on these methods.

Up and Coming Winemakers
Merenda Sinoira Winery

Three young friends started this winery after growing up together in Langhe. They were all born in the heart of Langhe. With Sinoira Winery came from their wish to share a passion for their land with customers. They now have four fabulous wine offerings available. These include their Sapél which is a Langhe Nebbiolo, Séj that is classified as a Barbera d’Alba, Cugia their Brut sparkling wine, and Kidi their Barolo. Via San Giuseppe, 11 – 12060 Novello (CN)

Up and Coming Winemakers

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