The Best Female Golfing Clothing Brands I Can’t Golf Without

For those of you that love golfing, or wanting to start out the sport, this blog post is for you. I have recently gotten back into golfing (one of the silver linings of COVID) and what you wear while playing can make all the difference. The clothing can make or break your entire experience, as well as make you feel fabulous even if your golf came may say otherwise, which is why getting the best product is essential. Follow along as I list The Best Female Golfing Clothing Brands I Can’t Golf Without.


ALALA is known for their sleek and seamless styles, making them a very popular luxurious brand for all your sporting needs. They have everything that is needed for your workouts, outdoor activities, and athletics. You can get their lovely neutral colors, or their beautiful bright colors and prints. 

Best Female Golf Brands

ALALA is all about body positivity and diversity, check out their website here to see more.


EPNY Golf has all the golfing essentials you are going to need to look like a pro-golfer. This is a great place to shop if you’re going for that classic look, but with the best quality. This is also a great place to shop as a beginner since they have everything you’ll need for your first golf wear essentials. If you’re in the groove of starting new hobbies, check out my blog post on What You Need as a Beginner Cyclist.

Best Female Golf Brands

Check out the EPNY Golf website here to start your journey with one of the best female golf brands. 

Ralph Lauren Golf

Of course I had to include the fabulous Ralph Lauren since their golf line is very popular, preppy and chic. Ralph Lauren’s clothing line mirrors this aesthetic and their golf line is not only comfortable, but extremely stylish. If you’re looking to be preppy and pretty on the green, check out Ralph Lauren’s website here. 

Best Female Golf Brands

Tory Burch Golf

If you’re looking for a cute, flirty, and stylish look, Tory Burch is the clothing line for you. I love Tory Burch’s clothing line and was so excited when I saw they released a golf line for women. This is a very relaxed and trendy type of line that will be perfect when playing. Check out the Tory Burch website here to make your purchases.

Best Female Golf Brands

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