The Best Blowouts in San Francisco To Experience

For us girls who are out and about a lot, I can relate with 4-5 events a week blowouts are essential to give you that extra edge to feel super hot at a party, business meeting or fun event. I am not one of those people who treats myself to blowouts often so when I get them I really enjoy them and fully take in the pampering. Below are my favorite San Francisco blowouts.  Be sure to check them out and see for yourself how amazing each of these gems are.

Archer Salon

If you want to be seen and see some of the most elite businessman and ladies of leisure, Archer Salon is the spot for you! It’s owned by Chris Gaither and Gari James who are fabulous. We’ve become friends and they were sweet enough to invite me in for a style and blowout. They explained they don’t do just blowouts, as each blow out is then styled by a stylist. It was truly a lovely experience and I loved the style. They are right, this is way more than a blow out more of a beauty pampering experience with the boys (as in adorable owners Chris & Gari). 33 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

Best San Francisco Blowouts

I’m such a happy girl after my leisurely visit to Archer and ready for a night out on the town. Thanks for the VIP treatment Gari and Chris, you guys rock!

Best San Francisco Blowouts

Best San Francisco Blowouts

Best San Francisco Blowouts

Me and Co Owner Chris after my visit

Cinta Salon

The Cinta Salon by Aveda is also more than just a blowout. I have been a few times now. I am that serious about my R & D for this story! Kidding, I just love the place and it’s fabulous. Whether you’re getting a haircut, color, blow out or mani/pedi they offer it all.  Last year during the holidays they offered a great mani and blow out in 60 minutes. I tried this and it was incredible. What’s not to love about a 60 minute visit where you get your nails done and a blow out. It’s great for us busy gals in a hurry. Blow outs start at $35 here, see more service information on their Cinta Salon website here. .   23 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

San Francisco Salons & Blowouts

San Francisco Salons & Blowouts

San Franscisco Top Salons & Blowouts

Not only can you get a blowout here, you can also get your nails done at the SAME time! Talk about a time saver this was incredible.

San Franscisco Top Salons & Blowouts

I adore the Aveda Tea they serve during the visit. They actually sell it and I think I may need to buy it next time I’m there, it is that good. And it’s become part of the experience. I also have to say, they give the best neck massage with the shampoo pre blow-out. They are trained during the Aveda training program on the neck massage and every time I’m blown away by how good they are. I know every salon does that as a standard, but the neck massage at Aveda is like no other….

San Franscisco Top Salons & Blowouts

I was such a happy girl with a lovely blow out and a perfect manicure. I actually went to a party directly after this which is always fun when you’re all dolled up. Thanks again Aveda for the lovely experience and pampering me soooooo much!!

Milvali Salon Union Street

Since Milvali is where I’ve been getting my hair cut for years, it would not be a good list without including them and my adorable stylist Sarah aka Ryan (there are two Sarahs so to avoid confusion she goes by Ryan). This Salon is set in a charming Victorian on Union Street, so San Francisco right? The team at the Salon is awesome, everyone is super nice, talented and makes you want to hang out all day. Sarah, aka Ryan does a killer blow out so I always time my haircuts late in the day so I can then go out and show off my locks. 2040 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Best Blowouts in San Francisco

San Francisco Top Blowouts

Me and my adorable stylist Sarah (aka Ryan). We literally take this picture every time I visit. She’s incredible and has become a close friend as well. Truly makes hair cuts so much fun!!

Blo Union Street

Blo Union Street is a spot that’s great for a quick blowout. It’s super convenient, easy and they have about 8-12 spots at a time so you can most likely get in and out. Blow outs start at $40 but they also offer other services. See the options on the Blo website here.  2167 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Top San Francisco Salons & Blowouts

San Franscisco Top Salons & Blowouts

My sleek blowout I experienced at Blo Union Street. In and out, super quick and easy and I loved my perfectly straight hair!

Thanks to the fabulous salons who partnered with me on this post hosting me to experience your lovely blow outs and Salon experiences. 

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