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Where to Drink in Hong Kong, China.

My first, of which will be many future visits to Hong Kong was March of 2014.  Kate, a friend from San Francisco was going for work and extended an invite. For me, having a great friend to visit and a place to stay makes it hard to say no to a fabulous destination I’ve been wanting to visit. Within a week my ticket was booked and we started planning away.  I was fortunate during my stay to have such an experienced hostess as she’d been more than a handful of times so gave me the curated local’s guide to the city. That’s probably why I fell in love immediately. Kudos to my local hostess Kate for the amazing curated visit!!

A few of my favorite spots for a drink are also restaurant’s. No surprise since you probably know at this point what a huge FOODIE I am. What’s more perfect than a fabulous restaurant that also has a lively bar scene. Two of my favorite things!

Mott 32 – I was lucky enough to arrive into Hong Kong the night of The Mott 32 Opening Party.  The party was courtesy of Kate and her fabulous friend Jane. Thanks ladies!!   What a fabulous, cool, chic space with fabulous food and an awesome vibe! Read more about it in my Hong Kong, China Where To Eat Review. Basement Level, Standard Chartered Bank Building,No 4-4A Des Voeux Road CentralHong KongChina.


IMG_5477The Red Carpet entrance for the opening night party!

Hong Kong China Where To DrinkWhat a spectacular invite. LOVE!


Hong Kong Where To DrinkKate, my hostess and The J.S.F.


Quinary This was a great cocktail bar just down the street from where I was staying. It came recommended by Wallpaper’s Hong Kong City Guide, which hasn’t led me astray yet. The bar specializes in cocktails and has a very cool scene. The bartenders are extremely friendly and approachable which made me feel right at home as I waited for a friend to join me. Be sure to try the Vanilla Milkshake cocktail. It is as delicious as it sounds served in an adorable mini Coca Cola glass bottle!  G/F ,56-58 Hollywood Rood Central. Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.



IMG_5736Margarita on the Rocks with Salt. LOVE the cool untraditional glass this is served in.

IMG_5741My delicious Cocktail and Milky Cocktail surprise (think White Russian) courtesy of the fabulous bartenders (shown below)


208 Deucento Otto – This was another cool bar a few doors down from where I was staying. There wasn’t a moment I walked by where it wasn’t bustling with people. Kate, my hostess recommends it and by the looks of it I can see why. I didn’t get a chance to visit this time but it’s on my to-do list for my next trip!  208-214 Hollywood Road. Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

129 Ping Pong – This is another fairly new bar that a local American expat Nate took me and Kate to after dinner. It’s very cool. It’s in a basement level with super high ceilings giving off a loft feel to it. Definitely a cool spot worth checking out. 129 Second St., Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Where To DrinkOur fabulous local host & expat Nate, clearly an expert on Hong Kong night life


22 Ships “Secret” BarAfter a day at The Rugby Seven’s we headed to this awesome secret bar for a few last drinks. They’re the sister bar to 22 Ships Restaurant (across the street from the bar) and a part of Jason Atherton’s Restaurant Group. The secret bar doesn’t have a name or a sign and you’re only directed to it at the 22 Ships Restaurant upon asking or by referral. If they send you across the street and down an alley, jackpot.  It was awesome!! Delicious cocktails, tasty bites, with a cool dark loungey romantic feel to it. Be sure to fry the Sautéed Green Peppers and the French Fries which were both delicious. G/F 22 Ship Street, Wan Chai. Hong Kong.

Ronin  This was a late night visit and even at 11pm it was pretty crowded. The Servers & Bar Tenders were very nice and informative and made killer drinks. I also had a light appetizer (shown below) which was tasty! 8 on Wo LaneHong KongChina

IMG_5495The dark, hard to find, unmarked entrance

IMG_5494The intimate Bar

Hong Kong China Where To Drink


Yardbird After loving Ronin I was curious to try their sister restaurant Yardbird.  I popped in the afternoon of dinner to see this highly reviewed spot and met the team. What great guys. I was greeted by Jeffrey, another Chicago native who advised I come early as they only seat full parties and Thursdays are quite busy. I took his advice, arrived by 6:30pm had a few cocktails at the bar and by 7:30pm we were seated. What a fabulous bar for a drink, whether staying to dine or not I’d return here many times just to enjoy their delicious cocktails and lively bar and dining scene.  33-35 Bridges StreetHong KongChina (Sheung Wan).

Hong Kong, Where To Drink

Hong Kong China Where To Drink

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