Joes Kansas City BBQ Formerly Oklahoma Joes BBQ

Joes Kansas City BBQ

Formerly Oklahoma Joes BBQ

It’s crazy to think as a Midwesterner I had never been to Kansas City. ┬áMore of a reason that when I was invited by my dear friend Katherine (the same Katherine who’s hosted me to Seaside Florida with her family) I jumped at the chance. ┬áKatherine’s sister ┬áJulia’s wedding was the perfect occasion for my long over due visit to K.C. (as the locals call it), visit the Holland’s stomping ground, and celebrate Julia’s big day.

Part of the reason I was so excited for the K.C. visit was being able to finally experience K.C. was to finally experience┬áOklahoma Joe’s BBQ.┬á ┬áLike most foodies, I’d seen Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations K.C. edisode┬áand have been dying to try Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ ever since. Well, the experience lived up to all that I had hoped it would have. ┬áA few things to know first. #1 ┬áThe restaurant is in a Gas Station. True Story. #2 Expect a LONG wait. We went around 2pm on a Saturday and waited one hour. To avoid this you could do what the locals do and call ahead (still a 30-45 min wait) and take it to go. Note, you cannot carry out and then sit in the restaurant so if you want the dine in the restaurant experience plan for an hour or so wait. Regardless, whether you eat in or carry out its AMAZING and worth the wait. ┬áIn order to fully experience all Oklahoma Joe’s offered the group agreed on ordering pretty much everything. I was thrilled about this as I knew I wanted to experience the Rib’s, Pulled Pork and most of the sides. ┬á The Ribs were absolutely amazing. I like fall off the bone ribs and that’s exactly what Joe’s offers. The meat was deliciously tender in a sweet BBQ Sauce. Wow!! The Carolina Pulled Pork (covered in Cole Slaw) was just as delicious as was the Beef Brisket. ┬áTo complete the meal we tried the Onion Rings (yummy), Cole Slaw (awesome as well), Beans, French Fries ┬á(which Anthony Bourdaine┬ádescribes as addictive), agree they were good but I still may be a McDonald’s French Fries Girl. ┬áThey also have Pickles that come on the Side of the Pulled Pork which were divine. Clearly I LOVED Oklahoma Joe’s and would jump at a chance to return to K.C. for another visit. 3002 West 47th Avenue. Kansas City. KS. 66103. 913.722.3366.┬á

After an hour wait (no joke) it was our turn to order

Full Rack of Ribs (x2), Cole Slaw, (Spicy & Creamy) & French Fries

Carolina Pulled Pork with Cole Slaw & Side of Beans

IMG_1121Love this, what an adorable condiment display!

Joes BBQAnthony Bourdain’s endorsement, Oklahoma Joe’s one of the┬á13 places to Eat Before you Die

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  • BBQ Snob
    June 24, 2014

    Agree – Oklahoma Joe’s is WELL worth the wait. The burnt ends melt in your mouth….my stomach is growling just thinking about them….

    • JSFashionista
      June 24, 2014

      Katherine. I agree, Oklahoma Joe’s is AMAZING. Drooling thinking about it!!

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