Norway: Mandal & Sogne (Southern Coast) Where To Stay

Where to Stay in Mandal & Sogne Norway 

For those visiting Norway without local Norwegian family like me (that you’re able to stay with), the below recommendations would require you to rent a house which I highly recommend. Most Norwegians have summer homes, or hyttes as they call them which are usually by the water (from what I’ve seen with my family) and are small houses with basic necessities (not typically very fancy) where time is spent enjoying the outdoors, relaxing, and enjoying time with your loved ones. Mandal, Norway.
Mandal & Sogne Norway, Where To Stay
Mandal – I was lucky enough to stay at my cousin Siv and Asbjorn’s  hytte. It was perfect with gorgeous ocean views and my cousin Ase and her two kids were there which added to the fun. We spent one night in Mandal having a fabulous home-cooked dinner with the family and the second night in SogneMandal, Norway.

Ocean views from Siv and Osbjorn’s hytte

A typical Norwegian boat house along the water
Sogne – If you make it to Sogne (about 30 minutes south of Mandal) and are lucky enough to visit our cousin Cigurd’s home you’re in store for a one-of-a-kind hytte. See some highlights of this fabulous lake home below. Sogne, Norway.
 Our fabulous Host Cigurd
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  • Henry Neavols
    June 23, 2014

    This looks like an awesome place. What did you eat there? I would love to go sailing and fishing there!

    • JSFashionista
      June 23, 2014

      Henry, the food in Mandal is delicious. Stay tuned as I’m sharing my Mandal, Norway Where To Eat post this Friday on the site. Please visit us then to read about What To Eat!

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