Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies & Winos

For those of us who love wine or delicious food, like me I think both of these items make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.   Below I share some of my favorite gifts to help you get started for your Mother’s Day Gift Giving.


A wine brand that I’ve become a huge fan of is Cameron Hughes Wine. They are doing an amazing Mother’s Day partnership with Chocolatier Christopher Elbow and you can gift Cameron Hughes Wine and a Christopher Elbow Chocolate gift set. If this rings a bell it is because they did something similar for Valentine’s Day and I loved it so much it was in my VDay Gift Guide. Sign me up please. See all the gift sets here at Cameron Hughes Wine.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


As a foodie who dines out almost 5 nights a week it is very hard for me to meal plan. As a result I typically end up carrying out something easy like sushi or ordering pre made meals. I recently learned about an amazing Bay Area food delivery service called Methodology.  I have tried it and think their foods are flavorful, healthy and it’s super easy to sign up and get delivered
right to your door step. Basically this is how it works.

First, you pick a plan ranging from $11-17. You get deliveries on Mondays and Thursdays. Pause, cancel, and order as few or many meals as you’d like.  Second, personalize your plan. You choose a plan that targets your wellness goals. Pick your meals each week from a menu of 13 items that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Third, you enjoy and feel revitalized. Everything is ready to eat and made with wholesome ingredients. Feed your family the same meals you’d cook at home if you had the time.

@gomethodology is offering a super special Mother’s Day gift to JSF readers including a free meal + a free delivery + a free surprise gift if you purchase by 12 PM this Wednesday, May 10th and get your first delivery on Monday, May 15th. As a heads up, you’ll need to enter your credit card and create an account to take advantage of this offer.  Use this link on my profile to skip the waitlist, get this gift, and see how easy it is to treat yourself well!

Mother's Day Gift Guide


As you probably have read, I adore wine from The Central Coast. A winemaker I have gotten to know through my various visits to Lompoc is Steve Clifton. He is the winemaker at Palmina Wines as well as La Voix Wines. I recently joined Steve at a Winemaker Dinner he hosted at Rich Table, a San Francisco gem I adore, read more about them here and Steve brought some La Voix Wines for me to try which I adored. So for those of you wanting a great Pinot Noir or Chardonnay from the Central Cost check out these delicious La Voix options.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

2014 Rebel Rebel Pinot Noir $45

2015 Satisfaction Pinot Noir $75

2015 Here and Now Chardonnay John Sebatiano Vineyard $55


As you may already know, I adore Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. So what’s more perfect for Valentine’s Day than giving some amazing Anderson Valley Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. My favorite Handley Cellars Pinot Noir is the Helluva Vineyard (only available at the Winery so you may need to plan a visit to experience that). I also adore their Anderson Valley Blend. I also adore the Handley Cellars Estate Chardonnay.  Purchase Handley Wines here.

Valentine's Day Wine Gift Guide


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