Mother’s Day Beauty & Fashion Gift Ideas

For those of you that are either hosts or are always attending events or parties you know how essential it is to have your go to’s of perfect gift giving options. My rule of thumb for gifting has always been to only gift something I would want to be gifted or buy myself so here is a list of a few of my favorite Beauty items that not only do I adore using but also adore gifting. Happy gifting!

Jo Malone London

As you have seen in previous gift guides and blog coverage I adore Jo Malone London. I got hooked during my retail days in New York when I worked in the Bloomingdale’s Buying office and the rest was history….  What’s better than sharing the newest Jo Malone London scent with your Mom for Mother’s Day. The Star Magnolia scent is beyond lovely. It smells so light and fresh and I adore the fun floral detailing attached to the clean, elegant bottle.  Treat your mom to this fabulous Jo Malone London, Star Magnolia Cologne

Mother's Day Gifts


A recent addition to the fashion scene is Allbirds I recently learned about when their new San Francisco Hotaling Street boutique opened. I was fortunate enough to join for a media dinner with the founders Tim and Joey and fell in love with this brand, their story and the team.  They offer two amazing products, the sporty Superfine Merino Wool Shoe and the Slip On which just launched which was the occasion for the dinner party. These are made of 100% wool and currently offered in 4 colors, yellow, light grey, navy and green. I got the navy and they are so chic with black pants, denim or my favorite, white jeans. Buy your own Allbirds on here.

Mother's Day Gifts

The new San Francisco Allbirds Pop Up at Hotaling Place and Jackson Street

Mother's Day Gifts

Sporting my new navy Allbirds Women’s Wool Lounger. Shop this adorable slip on shoe online here for only $95.

Mother's Day Gifts

I also adore the yellow Women’s Wool lounger.

Bobbi Brown

I’ve been a fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics since I was a young girl and met Bobbi at the Winnetka Book Stall (a local book store where I grew up). I adore all of her products and below are a few great ones I can’t live with out which means I also love giving as gifts.  Most recently I tried out the Remedies Collection products and am hooked. They have various options, visit Bobbi Brown to see for yourself and see which is best for your skin’s needs.

Mother's Day Gifts

Cinta Salon

As a girl who rarely treats herself to a blowout, my idea of pampering is an afternoon at the salon including a blowout, mani, pedi and the whole works!! Why not treat mom to a blowout or even better blowout, mani and pedi. One of my go to spots in San Francisco for amazing blowouts, and other beauty treatments is Cinta Salon. I have been almost a dozen times over the years and feature them frequently in posts as they are that good. See more on their website here.  See here for the full list of Best Blowouts in San Francisco (featuring Cinta Salon).  23 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108 

San Francisco Salons & Blowouts

 Beverly & Bay Scarves

I am extremely excited and proud to share another great Mother’s Day Gift Idea from two dear friends of mine, Yasemin and Lizzy who just launched Beverly & Bay. The concept is stylish scarves for chic fashionista’s (like us!) and also for nursing Mother’s. These scarves are 100% organic cotton with a subtle clip to help adjust so when you’re nursing or pumping and want some privacy you can fasten the scarf closed or leave it open and wear loose and loungy like I like to wear mine.  See more about these scarves on the site. My two favorite colors are the black and grey print (shown below), and the blue and pink abstract print, but check out the site for all of the great options available.

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts
elvis + elvin

For those of you who enjoy masks you must try these elvis + elvin masks. I just discovered them and they are incredible.  Described best by the evlis + elvin team, “The Detoxify Alginate mask is naturally moisturizing, and tightening. It increases elasticity and hydrates stress and pollution-sensitivities skin, with activated Carbon. Activated Carbon absorbs and detoxifies the skin.  It clears the pores of impurities and toxins, purifies from pollution.  It also contains Mentha Arvensis essential oil for toning and energizing. Great to use before a night out or after a stressful day. ”  Natural and brief sensations of activity emphasizing the effectiveness of the Peel-Off Gels can be felt. Tested under dermatological control. Non-irritating. Respects skin pH. Minimum 99% of ingredients from natural origin. Learn more or purchase for $80 on their website here.

Mother's Day Gifts


During my stay last summer in London at The Mondrian London (which you can read about here) I got hooked on the Malin + Goetz products provided to hotel guests.   Since then I’ve literally tried most of the Malin + Goetz product assortments with items ranging from their shampoo, conditioner and body wash (which I fell in love with during my stay), to their facial oils, moisturizers and even candles. As you have seen, I adore candles and think they’re the best gift items (assuming who you’re gifting to likes them as well). I’m also pretty hooked on their Clay Mask so for a woman who’s into amazing beauty products that’s a great gift.

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