Oregon: Short Sands Beach Other Must Do’s

Other Must Do’s at Short Sands Beach, Oregon.

If you make it out West to Portland be sure to spend a day or two and get yourself out to the coast. It’s gorgeous, you’d never imagine that in a cold woodsy area there’s so much to do outside but this was where my sister Lise and Dave (my first time surfing coach/teacher) took me for my first surfing experience. Although it was freezing (wet suits a must) it was a lot of fun.

Short Sands Beach – The below gorgeous picture is what the Short Sands Beach looks like on a clear sunny day. I had no idea what I was in store for. We parked about a mile away in the parking lot and hiked with our boards and wet suit gear to the Ocean. It was definitely an adventure for me (I’m not much a hiker) but once you saw the gorgeous beach and experienced surfing the trip was so worth it. Warning these waters are FREEZING don’t even attempt to surf without wetsuits. We had booties, wet suits and head-gear and we even surfed while it was raining so definitely a cold, chilly but FUN experience. Short Sands Beach, Oregon. 


IMG_1417The car geared up with boards, ready to go…

DSC_0508Lise and me pre surfing

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