Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024

My 2024 Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide is an eagerly anticipated edition, showcasing an array of exquisite wines that any connoisseur would treasure. This year, I’m highlighting smaller family-owned brands (my favorite kind to support). With Valentine’s Day in mind, I’ve curated a selection of eco-friendly Red and White Wines and Sparkling Varieties, ensuring there’s something special for everyone. In line with the spirit of responsible consumerism, I encourage you to support small and independent businesses when making your purchases. This year’s list features wineries that are not only family-run but also champion inclusivity, with several being female-led – a nod to my commitment to empower fellow women entrepreneurs.

This year’s guide was shot at my friend Erika’s amazing shop, Bon Ton Baby. She also has Bon Ton Studio which I recommend for adults looking for chic clothes, accessories and more.

Both Bon Ton Baby & Bon Ton Studio are fabulous and a must shop when visiting or shopping within Healdsburg. Speaking of Shopping Healdsburg, check out my Healdsburg Shopping Guide here.

Lands End Canvas Tote Pet Carrier

Enjoy exploring this Guide, and I trust that the wines you discover here will offer new tastes to savor and perhaps become new favorites to cherish.

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Caitlin Greene Gold Teardrops in Winter Pink

Another fabulous Valentine’s Gift for yourself or a loved one in your life are these gorgeous 14K Rose Gold filled frames, hand-beaded with turquoise, lapis, apatite and garnet. Hot pink seed beads add festive pop that make this pair perfect for Holiday parties and taking on vacation. Shop these fabulous earrings and more on Caitlin Greene’s website here.

Caitlin Greene Earrings

32 Winds

32 Winds is a Sonoma based brand producing stunning Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Rosé of Pinot Noir featured in the Guide. I was first introduced to 32 Winds at The Matheson Healdsburg (surprise surprise), where Wine Director Jon McArthy curated their stunning Sonoma Coast Chardonnay on the “wine wall”. 

The rest was history and after tasting their Rosé of Pinot Noir I knew it was the perfect Rosé for a Valentine’s Gift Guide. Whether you want a regular wine size or a bit more of a statement with the magnum they have you covered! Beautiful and delicious wines that make the perfect Vday Gift Shop 32 Wind online here.

32 Winds Wines

Lucky for you they have the Rosé in a stunning magnum format too! Talk about a gorgeous gift to give or receive. 

32 Winds Wines

The 32 Winds Rose color is absolutely gorgeous and tastes just as pretty as the color looks  

32 Winds Wines
Gary Farrell Winery

As you probably know by now Gary Farrell Winery is a Russian River Sonoma County Winery I adore. They have some of the best single vineyard Chardonnay & Pinot Noir Wines in the area and this
Valentine’s Day they have a fabulous VDay Gift idea for the wine aficionado in your life…. It’s a gift assortment with 5 of their amazing vineyard partners so you get to enjoy 2 Chardonnays and 3 Pinot Noirs. Learn more about this incredible Gift set below!  Shop this Gary Farrell Gift set online here.

Gary Farrell Wines

I love this set which includes 3 Pinot Noir Wines and 2 Chardonnay Wines. What a perfect way to try a variety of stunning Gary Farrell Wines from various vineyards.   

Gary Farrell Wines

Collection Includes 5 – 100ml tubes. Purchase online here.

• 2019 Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay

• 2019 Durell Vineyard Chardonnay

• 2019 Bacigalupi Vineyard Pinot Noir

• 2019 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir

• 2019 Rochioli Vineyard Pinot Noir

Gary Farrell Wines


Another brand that you wine lovers need to know about is Matthews. Matthews is a wonderful winery out of Washington producing stunning red wines. This red wine set includes the below set of 3 fabulous red wines. I’ve spent some time in Washington and have to say if you’re not familiar with their wines get to know them. They make amazing red wines at about 1/3 of the price of Napa Valley and equal quality.  This is a wonderful brand I’ve recently gotten to know and wines I’ve fallen in love with. Perfect for the red wine lover who’s looking for something outside of a CA wine that’s high quality, has great scores and delicious flavors! 

Matthew Wines

Matthews Wines

2021 Columbia Valley Trio

2021 Matthews Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
93 pts, Tim Fish, Wine Spectator

2021 Matthews Columbia Valley Claret

93 pts, Tim Fish, Wine Spectator

2021 Matthews Columbia Valley Cuvée

93 pts Tim Fish, Wine Spectator

Shop Matthews Wines Trio Gift set here at $143

One on The Hill Wine Club

I’m thrilled to feature OneontheHill, an Italian-based food and wine community, in my Gift Guide! Their small-production wines are exceptional and have quickly become a new favorite. Perfect for those who cherish small winemakers and adore Italian wines, OneontheHill’s wine club offers amazing selections at great prices. Sign up today and indulge in the exclusivity of their offerings! Learn more about One on The Hill Wine Club here.

One on The Hill Wine Club

Learn more about One on The Hill’s fabulous Wine Club on their website here and on my Best Wine Clubs to know about here.

One on The Hill Wine Club

One on The Hill Wine Club

One on The Hill Wine Club

Valette Wine Club

By now, if you’ve read my blog for a while you know what a fan I am of Dustin Valette whether his restaurants Valette or The Matheson in downtown Healdsburg everything Dustin does he blows out of the park. These days he’s doing more than just creating amazing food there is also a Valette Wine Club which I’ve been a member of since inception with some stunning wines produced by legendary winemakers including Bob Cabrall, Jesse Katz, Tom Rochioli and most recently David Ramey. I know can you believe all of this talent is under ONE label, Valette Wines! Pretty impressive. Learn more
about Valette Wine Club here.

Valette Wines

In this year’s JSF Gift Guide, I’m thrilled to highlight two exquisite Valette Wine Chardonnays. The latest addition, crafted by David Ramey, boasts a richer flavor profile, while the variant created by Tom Rochioli offers a leaner taste with pronounced minerality and subtler malolactic and oak notes. Both are absolutely stunning, making them a perfect choice for any Chardonnay enthusiast. Tasting them side by side adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Discover and shop these exceptional wines at Valette Wines, and consider joining their fantastic Wine Club online here.

Valette Wines

Always smiling when I have two lovely bottles of Valette Wines to choose from!

Valette Wines

Hmmm, what to pick? Depends on the day as they’re both stunning and unique in their styles.    

Valette Wines           

Learn more about Valette Wines Club here. 

Nicholas Coley Fine Art

Recently I discovered Nicholas Coley an artist out of Marin. The timing was perfect as I’d been on the hunt for a painting for my new Healdsburg home for a few years now. I was torn between a Sonoma Coast landscape or Mendocino and found the perfect piece from Nicolas Coley. Shop his gorgeous art here and see my newest addition to my home below too! 

Nichol Coley Fine Art

Nicholas Cole Fine Art
Une Femme Wines

As you’re likely aware, I’m passionate about championing small, family-operated businesses, particularly those owned by women. Une Femme Wines  embodies this ethos perfectly. The brand is a tribute to women, with wines named after influential females and crafted by a team of women. Throughout their supply chain, the Pelkas have collaborated with female professionals. This culminates in a dream realized for Jen Pelka, who has launched Une Femme, her own wine brand featuring a premier cru brut Champagne. These woman-made wines are our go-to hostess gift and favorite wines to pop when toasting to everyday victories and milestone occasions alike.  Shop Une Femme Wines 3 Bottle Gift sets here.

Une Femme Wines

If you’re a Sparkling Wine Fan read more about my other favorite Sparkling Wines here

Une Femme Wines

Thanks to the various wineries for participating in this blog post. Note this was sponsored by brands who paid to be included, however, only brands that I am familiar with and have tasted the wines in advance were invited to be included in the campaign.

Photos by Elise Aileen Photo

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