The Fabulous Valette Wines Inaugural Winemaker Dinner

Valette Wines, founded by Chef Dustin Valette of Valette Healdsburg, The Matheson and Roof 106 are one of my favorites wine clubs in Sonoma County. See all the perks, members (like me) get to enjoy with The Fabulous Valette Wines.

Be sure to check out some of Dustin Valette’s restaurants which are the best! I love visiting Valette Healdsburg and The Matheson Healdsburg any chance I get. Looking for something more casual than fine dining? Check out Roof 106 (on the roof of the Matheson) for more casual pizza, salad and bites. 

Fabulous Wines from Legendary Winemakers

One of the best part about Valette Wines is that they have various winemakers for each varietal. That’s right, so the King of Pinot Noir, Bob Cabrall makes their Pinot Noir. Check out my Interview With Winemaker Bob Cabral here. The lovely Chardonnay is made by the famous Tom Rochioli of Rochioli Wines, see Tom Rochioli’s Interview here. 

The Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon are done by Jesse Katz of Aperture Wines, another  winery in Healdsburg. What a brilliant concept by Dustin having various winemakers create what they are best at. 

Exclusive Winemaker Dinners with Chef Dustin Valette

I had the pleasure of joining Chef Dustin Valette for a recent Valette Wines Winemaker Dinner at The Matheson. It’s always a treat getting to enjoy Dustin and his team’s amazing food. Especially paired with Jesse Katz amazing wines!

Me and Chef Dustin Valette at one of the Matheson Winemaker dinners!

Valette Wines
Valette Wines
Valettes Wines

It really is a treat to be able to attend events like these. There is so much detail and preparation that goes into each one. Knowing Dustin for 8+ years I am so proud of the growth of his brand and starting Valette Restaurant. Then adding Valette Wines and now having The Matheson Restaurant too. Bravo Chef Dustin!! 

Valette Wines

Winemaker Jesse Katz who makes the delicious Valette Wines Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet. In addition to wines for his own label, Aperture Cellars a MUST see in Healdsburg. 

Valettes Wines

Chef Dustin speaking to the group about the meal and wine pairings with each course. 

Valettes Wines

Me and Winemaker Jesse Katz.

The culinary team working the line prepping for dinner. I snuck into the kitchen as I LOVE to watch the team in action. Preparing a meal at this level is not easy, but the Matheson Team makes it look so easy. Bravo! The prime beef Babette with potato pave and umami hollandaise was delicious!

The Northern Halibut has a chive blossom vinaigrette finished with caviar on top.

It wouldn’t be a steak without some truffles! The Matheson team was extremely generous sharing truffles with guests for their New York Steak.

Finally for dessert we were able to enjoy a toffee mousse created by Pastry Chef Lisa Lu.

Valette Wines

Valette Wines

Exclusive Wine Club Pick Up Parties at The Matheson & Valette Restaurants

 Another great reason to join the Valette Wines Club is to attend their pick up parties and exclusive holiday selections and events. These wines are the perfect addition to any holiday party, or even as a gift!

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