Best Lobster Rolls The J.S.F.’s Favorite’s

Best Lobster Rolls

The JetSetting Fashionista’s Favorites!

While travelling (or even at home in San Francisco) there are definitely favorites that I discover. Whether foods, wines, or must-see’s I always like to try or discover new favorites no matter where I am. I thought a list of best of/favorites by category would be great since it isn’t restricted to one destination, but rather a compilation of the many places I’ve seen.

Duryea’s – This is also a great roll  in Montauk. It’s very authentic as it’s made at a very old-school restaurant along the water. It’s quite off the beaten path (I’m a fan of a great spot not everyone knows about). Check it out!  65 Tuthill Road. Montauk, NY. 631-668-2410.

Best Lobster Roll

Surf Lodge – Although this is a hotspot for drinks and a post beach/evening scene (meaning you wouldn’t expect it to have fabulous food) their lobster roll is one of my Top 5 favorites. It’s very citrusy with celery tasting veggies in addition to the lobster. I prefer a lobster roll that’s not very mayo tasting (I hate mayo) so the fresh tasting roll here suits my palate. Def. a must try.  183 Edgemere Street Montauk, NY. 11954. 631-238-5216.

Best Lobster Roll

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