The Best Syrah Wines Under $35

Are you looking to find Best Syrah Wines under $35? If so this is the post for you.  The rich, dark, and powerful Syrah wine is one of my favorites, at least more recently as I’ve started to drink it more and realize how lovely this varietal is. The dark fruit flavors produce some of the best red wines you will every try, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your bank account to enjoy it. Continue reading to see my list for The Best Syrah Wines Under $35.

Cambria Wines

Cambria Wines Syrah is a deep, dark purple color with the perfect balance of flavor. Located in the Santa Maria Valley, their vineyards add for the perfect taste. See the Cambria Wines website to grab your bottle of Tepusquet Vineyard Syrah, one of the Best Syrah Wines for $32.

Best Syrah Wines, Cambria

Best Syrah Wines

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Cline Cellars

With generous aromas of black pepper, coffee, and berries. The Sonoma Coast region of Cline Cellars gives the ripe, bold, and delicious flavors the Cline Cellars Syrah. See the Cline Cellars website here to purchase, another of Best Syrah Wines under $35 at $22 for their 2017 Syrah.

Best Syrah Wines, Cline

Best Syrah Wines

Comptoir Syrah

The Comptoir Syrah is the perfect wine pairing for your dinner meals. This is a dark fruited and juicy style of Syrah with hints of white pepper and spice. Order here on the Comptoir Wines website at $22.

comptoir Syrah
J Lohr

This family-owned Paso Robles winery creates some of the richest red wines due to its central coast location. Rich, ripe aromas of blueberry and black tea you’ll definitely want to try J Lohr’s delicious Syrah wine. Check out the J Lohr website here to purchase their bottle for only $15!

Best Syrah Wines, J Lohr


Kendall-Jackson produces some award-winning lines that combine the cool, coastal, mountains of California. Rich layered flavors of plum, blackberry, and just the right amount of spice. See the Kendall-Jackson website to try their fantastic Syrah for $17.

Best Syrah Wines, Kendall Jackson

Lindquist Family Wines

Lindquist Family Wines has a great 2017 Syrah for only $22. I’ve tried many of their delicious wines as they are in the Santa Maria area, which I adore. Read about The Top 10 Santa Maria Valley Wineries on my blog. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing Qupe Winemaker Bob Lindquist that you can read about here.

Best Syrah Wines, Lindquist


Located in Buellton, Melville Winery is a Santa Barbara gem that makes some of the most lovely, small-batch, vineyard, and AVA-specific wines in the Sta. Rita Hills region. The intense and rich flavors of spice, dark cocoa bean, and smoked sea salt come through immediately. The delicious Melville Syrah Wine is $35 and a great addition to any wine night or gathering. Read about my visit to Melville Winery here.

Best Syrah Wines, Melville

I was even lucky enough to visit Melville Winery during their Harvest Fall BBQ, check it out on my blog! Purchase a bottle of Melville Syrah for $32.

Morgan Winery

Morgan Winery is a family-owned winery in the Santa Lucia Highlands. Their 2018 Santa Lucia Highland’s Syrah for only $25 has great and rich flavors that you’d expect in deep red wine. Blackberry, white pepper, graphite, and hints of smoked meat jump out of the glass.

Best Syrah Wines, Morgan

Penner-Ash Cellars

I’ve loved Penner-Ash Cellars for quite a while, and all of their wines are absolutely fantastic! Wineries in Oregon are stunning, read about The Most Incredible Oregon Wineries I’ve Visited on my blog here. The Penner-Ash Syrah is $35 and you can find it on the website here.

Best Syrah Wines

Best Syrah Wines

If you want to know more about Penner-Ash Cellars, check out My Wonderful Visit and Tasting to Penner-Ash Cellars.

Rusack Winery

The beautiful blend of aromas and berries in this Syrah will leave you wanting another glass. The Rusack Vineyard has a delicious 2016 Syrah that you can purchase for $35 to enjoy any day.

Best Syrah Wines

 Zaca Mesa

The dark flavors of the Zaca Mesa Syrah from the Santa Barbara County gives a fabulous taste to your palette to enjoy with any meal. Purchase the Syrah from the Zaca Mesa website here for only $32.

Best Syrah Wines, Zaca Mesa

$32 2016 Syrah,

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