Best Items from Trader Joe’s that I Adore

If you find yourself roaming through the aisles at Trader Joe’s looking for new products to try, look no further! As a foodie and a big fan of Trader Joe’s, I have compiled a list of the best items from Trader Joe’s that I adore. These meals and snacks are ones I keep rebuying because they are so delicious and perfect to pair with a drink of your choice. For some wines I recommend from Trader Joe’s, check out my post here!

Trader Joe’s 100% Liquid Egg Whites

These liquid egg whites make cooking quick and easy! Whether you want to make breakfast or bake a treat, this product comes in handy. The egg whites are 100% cage free and pasteurized. For $3.99 per carton, you get an entire pound of pure egg whites that can be used in a bunch of recipes. I love that I don’t have to worry about wasting the yolks or cleaning up eggshells.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Spring Rolls & Vegetable Spring Rolls

These delicious spring rolls come in two options: vegetarian (made with shredded tofu) and non-vegetarian (made with white meat chicken). The chicken spring rolls have basil, garlic & ginger filling and the vegetarian spring rolls consist of kale, edamame, and mushroom filling. Both of them turn out super crispy and flakey making them a great addition to a Chinese-style meal or served alongside a soup or salad. Also, they’re only $3.99 a box! This is my go-to for a light lunch or sometimes dinner, 2-3 rolls and a glass of Chardonnay is perfection.

Trader Joe’s Double Roasted Salsa

The ingredients of this double roasted salsa are simple, natural and don’t include any chemicals or preservatives. There is a good amount of vegetable chunks and the double roast adds a rich flavor making this salsa irresistible. It’s perfect to pair with your choice of chips or to top off tacos or enchiladas. For just $2.49 each, you don’t want to miss out on this delicious double roasted salsa.

Trader Joe’s French Onion Macaroni & Cheese

This is the perfect frozen dinner or cheesy snack made with Swiss & Cheddar cheeses, roasted onions and crunchy croutons to top it off. The subtle hint of french onion takes this mac and cheese to the next level and makes for the best comfort food. For $4.99 a box, I definitely recommend this item.

Trader Joe’s Organic Air Popped Popcorn

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to buying buttery or movie theatre popcorn, this Organic Air Popped Popcorn is the product for you! The kernels are popped in sunflower oil and the entire bag is only made up of 3 ingredients making it very diet-friendly. For $1.99, it’s one of the best items to cure a late-night snack craving or to enjoy while watching Netflix. To add to the flavor, you can even mix in your favorite seasoning and enjoy.

Trader Joe’s Organic Rainbow Cauliflower

This item caught my eye in the grocery aisles as this frozen Organic Rainbow Cauliflower consists of purple, orange, green, and white florets. It is very easy to prepare and can be cooked on the stove top, in a microwave or in a conventional oven. I use it for lots of vegetable soups I use or for dinner if I want a veggie side. For $2.99, you are getting one pound of cut cauliflower that is perfect to make on the side for a well-rounded meal or to add onto a veggie platter for guests.

Trader Joe’s Pepita Salsa

This Trader Joe’s Pepita Salsa is another one of the best items at Trader Joe’s, perfect for chip-dipping and adding extra flavor to any Mexican-inspired dish. This salsa is mild in heat and full of delicious spices. Roasted pumpkin seeds, or ‘pepitas’, give this salsa a really great texture and a unique flavor that you don’t taste in any other salsas. The item has a great nutrition profile and for $2.99, this salsa is definitely worth a try!

Trader Joe’s Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower

Another frozen cauliflower item that I enjoy is this spicy Mexican-style riced cauliflower. It is made with tomatoes, tricolor peppers and jalapeños, making every bite full of flavor and spice. It is perfect to add to as a Mexican-inspired side dish or to use as a base for your burrito bowl. The item is low-carb and for $2.99, it definitely deserves a spot on your next shopping list!

Trader Joe’s Tarte d’Alsace (fancy pizza that is)

And last but not least, this delicious French style flat bread is made with ham, caramelized onion, and Gruyere cheese. This savory and delectable treat is very easy to make, simply bake in an oven at 450° for ten minutes or less. For $4.79, you have the perfect appetizer or dinner for two if paired with a side. Additionally, Trader Joe’s also has other flavors such as Tarte aur Champignons and Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates (pictured below) that you can also check out. I have a few of these in my freezer at all times and serve for guests if a glass of wine turns into a wine & pizza night. They’re perfect!


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