L’Artusi Restaurant New York’s Most Delicious Italian In The Charming West Village

L’Artusi Restaurant New York’s Most Delicious Italian In The Charming West Village

L’Artusi Restaurant has always been one my favorite Italian restaurants in New York.  Over the years I have shared this amazing spot with friends and family and everyone loves it as much as I do.  I am such a fan that it was the venue for 30th Birthday Party. I know, hard to believe I’m 30, ha ha, I’m kidding!.  L’Artusi is just one of the many fabulous restaurants that are part of the Epicurean Group, which also own Dell Anima, Anfora Wine Bar and their newest restaurant L’Apicio.  I have been to them all and love them, however, L’Artusi is still my favorite go-to if I had to pick one!

So why L’Artusi and what makes it so fabulous? A few things…..

First and foremost their food. The Italian cuisine is amazing. It’s on the saltier side, which is right up my alley since I love salt! It’s also extremely rich and flavorful. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t fall in love with their food.

Next is the team! After becoming a regular I had the pleasure of getting to know Joe Campanale Executive Beverage Director for Epicurean Restaurant Group. When we met, Joe was probably 26/27. I was beyond impressed with his experience, work ethic, track record (having been a Sommelier at Babbo prior to opening L’Artusi) and kind gentle demeanor. Being an involved Fundraiser in New York I would frequently solicit L’Artusi to support the New York Jr. League (where I was involved in Fundraising) and they would always generously donate and support our events. Relationships like this where you both support each other are truly memorable and special to me. Thanks again Joe and team for all the generous support over the years!

Lastly, I love the atmosphere and vibe at L’Artusi. It’s decorated very charming and quaint. It’s the opposite of a cold stuck up restaurant that you’re itching to leave and finish your meal in.  The atmosphere makes you want to cozy up and enjoy a delicious glass of wine with fabulous pasta and amazing company. They also have an open kitchen (another favorite of mine) since I LOVE watching Chefs at work. For a true open kitchen experience be sure to check out Dell Anima’s Chef’s Counter where you are literally inches from the chefs. Another fun favorite thing to do in NYC! 228 West 10th St. New  York, NY. 212-255.5757. 

L'Artusi Restaurant

L'Artusi Restaurant

L'Artusi Restaurant

L'Artusi RestaurantThe second floor dining room with views of the private events room

IMG_7225Probably the most delicious Italian Wine I’ve ever enjoyed. Beyond special, perfect for this special dinner with old friends

L'Artusi RestaurantThe Calamari Appetizer

L'Artusi RestaurantThe Mushroom Appetizer

L'Artusi Restaurant Kale Salad

L'Artusi RestaurantLisa’s husband Neill, my wine drinking partner in crime

L'Artusi RestaurantMy kind of dinner spread. Amazing pastas with a side of brussel sprouts & carrots courtesy of the Chef. Thank you!

L'Artusi RestaurantOrecchiette Pasta with Sausage, Salumi, & Pecorino

L'Artusi RestaurantTagliatelle with Bolognese Bianco, & Parmesan

L'Artusi RestaurantMy favorite pasta The Bucatini Tomato, Pancetta, & Pecorino

L'Artusi RestaurantMe and Lisa. College then New York city roommates. Not many friends you’ve had for almost 20 years!

L'Artusi Restaurant

L'Artusi RestaurantThe Banana Ice Cream Sandwich. Divine! 

L'Artusi RestaurantThe Hazelnut Chocolate Torta. Also amazing. Loved the Hazelnut delicious Ice Cream.

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