Azienda Agricola Del Roero Winery, A Hot Piemonte Winery Italian Wine Lovers MUST Know About

During my most recent visit to Italy, I was fortunate to visit Azienda Agricola Del Roero Winery, a Piemonte Winery. I was the guest of my friends with the Italian Wine Club, One on The Hill (which I belong to and adore). They curated a fabulous itinerary of their existing winery partners distributed in their club in the US as well as some new wineries they were looking to add to the club. Learn more about One & The Hill’s Wine Club on the blog here.

Located in the Roero Hills, Alberto Oggero strives to make wine in the most territorial way possible. He does this by recovering old, neglected, vineyards and making wine in the cellar that belonged to the person who influenced him the most, his grandfather. Now he has 5 vineyards, all with a different story and defining personality. We were lucky to spend the morning tasting wines in the beautiful vineyards and learning more about their wine-making process. Alberto is such a cool guy with such creative and innovative wine making ideas and styles and wines that were truly beautiful.

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Roero Winery
Roero Winery

Roero Winemaker, Alberto Offego. He was such a great host telling us about the various wines we were tasting as well as even pulling out some special surprises to share with us. His passion was amazing, as were his wines. 

Roero Winery
Roero Winery

This was a 2011 Sparkling Wine shared with us which was spectacular. We went the summer of 2023, so what a treat getting to enjoy these spectacular wines with beautiful peach floral flavors.

Roero Winery

Over the years, winery has aimed to challenge the traditional perception of Nebbiolo as a wine for special occasions and Arneis as a simple wine only suited for a summer aperitif. Roero produces two wines that prioritize drinkability and territoriality. Also, thanks to the wine’s interchangeability, you can pair them with any meal. The winery has created two labels, Roero and Roero Riserva, focusing on territoriality while maintaining drinkability. Interestingly, the difference between the two labels lies in the vine used, which is easily distinguished in the first sip.

Overall, I loved Roero Winery, in Piemonte. Our visit was fabulous and filled with delicious wines and beautiful views. I am definitely not skipping this winery on my next visit!

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