The Best Latinx Brands to Support for Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

I myself am a female entrepreneur who knows the hard work and dedication it takes to start your own business. I believe it is incredibly important to acknowledge those working hard towards their dreams and achieving great success. Follow along below to check out The Best Latinx Brands to Support for Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Calivolve is a women-owned hemp wellness brand that offers plant based remedies to help improve your health and wellness routines. Their vegan dark chocolates are infused with CBD and are a great way to help give you a boost and allow you to feel the calmness.

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Best Latinx Brands

Clase Azul Tequila

Made from the spectacular mountains of Mexico, Clase Azul Tequila is 100% made from Blue Agave. It is produced at one of the highest points of Jalisco where the climate offers a unique tequila flavor. With every bottle, Clase Azul fosters the beauty of Mexico and their traditions. 

Shop Clase Azul’s Tequila here.

Best Tequila brands

Each Clase Azul Tequila decanter is handmade, and hand-painted by artisans in the small Mexican town of Santa María Canchesda. Even after I finish a bottle I keep the bottles on my bar as art, they’re that beautiful!

Best Tequila Brands

Flor De Caña

One of the best rums around, Flor de Caña from Nicaragua ranks as one of the top rums. Whether you’re drinking it straight or with a mixed drink, from the first sip you can taste the rich work put into each bottle. 

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Best Latinx Brands

Best Latinx Brands

Honest Beauty

Clean, cruelty-free, and plant-based ingredients is what makes Honest Beauty standout in comparison with other beauty brands. Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty combines her Mexican-American heritage to create a natural beauty and skincare brand for every person! 

Best Latinx Brands

Best Latinx Brands

Keller Estate

Keller Estate is a brand that I absolutely adore! Founded and owned by Arturo and Deborah Keller, Keller Estate embraces their heritage in every aspect of their winery. The Keller Estate also has one of my favorite Syrah Wines that you can read about on The Best Syrah Wines You Need to Try.  

Best Latinx Brands

Best Latinx Brands

Check out my visit with the Keller Estate’s Winemaker Dinner.

Mestiza New York

The best of the best gowns to purchase are from Mestiza New York. Shop some of your favorite designers as Mestiza offers elegant and luxury dresses and wardrobe that are perfect for any occasion. Check out the Mestiza New York website here.

Best Latinx Brands

Best Latinx Brands

Rare Beauty

Some of you may have heard of Selena Gomez’s new brand that focuses on beauty for everyone. Feel good in these formulas in Rare Beauty’s amazing products that are featured in every Sephora store. Read more about Rare Beauty here. 

Best Latinx Brands

Best Latinx Brands


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