Club Med Ixtapa Mexico’s Resort Activities

Club Med Ixtapa Mexico’s

Resort Activities

If you’re an active person you’ll be in heaven at Club Med Ixtapa, Mexico. There is literally something for everyone. Whether it’s Tennis, Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Ping Pong, Soccer, Pool Games, Darts, Yoga, The Gym or the Flying Trapeze.

IMG_8702The weekly award ceremony where guest’s receive awards for tournaments and participation in the activities. The highlight of my week when visiting as a kid!

Tennis – Tennis lessons are offerered daily at three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. There’s also a tournament which is a lot of fun. I played in the Tournament during a recent visit and was pretty excited with my runner up status. Not bad for someone that just started taking lessons again in San Francisco.

Club Med Ixtapa Mexico's Resort Activities

Club Med Mexico's Ixtapa Resort ActivitiesMe, my mom and the Tennis Chief (in charge of the Tennis program)

The Flying Trapeze – For those that haven’t ever done the Flying Trapeze, a visit to Club Med is the chance to try it. Having done it during most of my visits to Club Med as a kid, I can attest that it’s a lot of fun, and something you won’t get the chance to do at other hotels or resorts. Also, you can literally fly as the Trapeze team calls it every day for a week. Pretty fabulous!

Henry-TrapezeMy 4 year old nephew Henry buckled up and getting ready to do the trapeze

Club Med Mexico's Ixtapa Resort ActivitiesHenry (at 4 years old) climbing up the ladder to do the Trapeze. If a 4 year old can do it so can you!

IMG_1772My sister Lise who’s the family pro


Club Med Ixtapa Mexico's Resort ActivitiesThe professional Circus show with the G.O.s performing for the guests


Surf – For those looking to surf there’s a great beach called Playa Linda fairly close to Club Med Ixtapa  with good surfing. This is where my brother-in-law Andy has surfed on our many Ixtapa visits and he loved it.  I’ve heard from the surfing expert (Andy my brother-in-law) that overall, there is great surfing on the Western coast of Mexico.  Coming from someone who has surfed as much as he has I would definately trust   his expertise.

Hang at the Beach – Whether you want to lay at the beach and relax, sail or kayak, there are plenty of great beach activities and fun to be had! There’s also Beach Volleyball for those wanting something a bit more competitive.

Club Med Mexico's Ixtapa Resort Activities


Club Med Ixtapa Mexico's Resort ActivitiesViews of the Bay from Club Med’s beachfront

IMG_8499Spectacular Sunset views

Sailing & Kayaking- Having grown up sailing many summers on Lake Michigan when I’m on vacation I love to sail and get back on the water. All Club Med’s offer sailing so take a lesson and get out and have some fun! Kayaking is also offered at most Club Med’s.



Visit Isla De Ixtapa Island – During our two boating trips we visited the Island of Ixtapa.  This was very cool as it was about a 5 minute boat ride from Club Med but it was full of tourists and locals enjoying the great snorkeling as well as the beach.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to snorkel this trip but I’ll definitely try it next time. IMG_1637

Whale Watch – During our group boating trip organized by “Captain Chris” (aka my boater brother-in-law) we were lucky enough to spot two whales.  Although the pictures don’t do them justice the two whales we saw were massive and such an awesome beautiful natural site. IMG_1720

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