The Best Wine Movies & Their Wine Pairings

As someone who loves learning the story behind wines as much as I enjoy tasting the wine, I thought it would be fun to share some of the best Wine Movies I’ve enjoyed with their wine pairings I recommend as well. Read more below!

Bottle Shock

Any wine lover or California Wine drinker should see Bottle Shock. This is the famous movie that put California wines on the map when they beat French Wines in the famous Judgement of Paris.  Rent Bottle Shock on Amazon here.

Bottle Shock Movie

Chateau Montelena: Since this movie is about the history of Chateau Montelena outperforming a French Wine in the Judgement of Paris what’s more fitting than enjoying a Chateau Montelena Wine as you see how this brand and Napa Valley was put on the map.  Shop Chateau Montelena wines here.

Chateau Montelena Dream Tasting

Chateau Montelena
Chateau Montelena

Me and Chateau Montelana CEO & Winemaker Bo Barrett (who the movie Bottle Shock was about) and who is amazing, such a legend in the wine industry.

Wine Country

Although this wasn’t my favorite of this cast of hysterical ladies it’s still a mood booster and does a great job of taking the viewers to California’s Napa Valley. Even if the movie is only ok, it still has it’s funny moments and has a great cast with some of the funniest women in Hollywood AND it takes place in Wine Country. Pretty hard to beat that.  Watch Wine Country on netflix here.

Wine Country

Billecart-Salmon Champagne: When I’m watching a movie with my girls I for sure want a glass of Champagne in hand. I would suggest the Billecart Rose for this movie which is a favorite of mine and so light and easy to drink. Any Champagne lover knows how amazing Billecart wines are. Shop Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose here.

Billecart-Salmon Rose

David TOUTAIN Paris
David TOUTAIN Paris


Somm: The Movie

Somm: is the first of the Somm Movie series and it’s great. It really educates consumers about what a Master Sommelier (Somm) is, be sure you understand Master Sommelier and Sommelier are very different and there are way fewer Master Sommeliers (as of 2020 they are only 165) in the world and how hard it is to become a Master Somm.  Rent Somm: Into the Bottle on Amazon here.

Somm Movie

Domaine de La Cote This is the toughest movie on this list to pair a wine to because Somm’s are so hard to please when it comes to wines they love. I’ve decided to go with a beautiful wine that I love which is made by a former Sommelier, legendary Raj Parr’s Domaine de La Cote.

Lompoc Wineries & Tasting Rooms

Somm: Into The Bottle

Somm: Into The Bottle is the second of the Somm Movie series and it’s great. This movie focuses on sharing everything that leads up to getting the wine into the bottle including experiencing opening the bottle. Rent Somm: Into the Bottle on Amazon here.

Sommelier Into The Bottle Movie

Châteauneuf-du-Pape: For this Somm movie I’m going to suggest an old-world Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This is a very adored varietal amongst somm’s so whatever you drink here (that’s good) will pair well with this movie!

Sour Grapes

This documentary, about the rare and fine wine auction market, details the story of Rudy’s counterfeiting as well as his relationships with the rich and powerful that helped him sell millions worth of fraudulent wine through top auction houses.  Watch Sour Grapes on Netflix here.



Sour Grapes Movie

La Jota Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon: When I think of the rich enjoying wines, I tend to think of a beautiful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. One of my favorite winemakers Chris Carpenter makes La Jota Cabernet Sauvignon, and recently just released a beautifully rich, Napa Valley Chardonnay that I immediately fell in love with. Both of these would pair beautifully with this movie. Shop La Jota Wines here.

La Jota Wines


Uncorked: One of the movies that I’m most excited about on this list is Uncorked. This is a great movie about a young guy who pursues his love for wine and becoming a Master of Wine. It’s a great movie that I really enjoyed and recommend to any wine lovers. Watch on Netflix.


Capensis Chardonnay: Literally my favorite South African Wine is this Capensis Chardonnay. It’s not only rich and elegant (without big buttery flavors) it’s actually hard to describe what makes it so special but as you taste it you’ll see what I mean as it’s like nothing I’ve ever had. Shop Capensis Wines here.

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