Indiana: Indiana Dunes (Chesterton & Porter) Where To Eat

Wagner’s – This is the #1 FAVORITE Martin Family Restaurant. It used to be a tiny Bar which also served food.  Within the past 5 years (late 2000’s) they expanded. Now it’s really a much larger space and truly a Restaurant as well (although you must be 21 to enter)… I always have the Rib’s when I’m there but most recently per my dad’s recommendation I tried the Filet which was also amazing. You can’t go wrong here as everything is delicious. 361 Wagner Road. Porter, IN. 219-926-7614.

Lucrezia – This is also a great Italian spot if you want something small and very quaint this is the spot. We went here for my sister’s bachelorette party and I’ve also been in the past with my family and friends. It has a private outdoor terrace and indoor seating. 428 South Calumet Road. Chesterton, IN. 219- 926-lucy.

Indiana Dunes Where To Eat

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