My CoolSculpting Experience at Artemedica Healdsburg

CoolSculpting has become the new trend that a lot of people are trying to lose the stubborn weight that you just can’t shake. After hearing so many positive reviews and doing my own research, I decided to try out the experience for myself. Follow along below to see My CoolSculpting Experience and Review on the Process with Artemedica Spa located in Healdsburg, CA. Visit their website here to learn more.     1260 Healdsburg Avenue, Suite 201. 707-415-8888. 

Artemedica Healdsburg

CoolSculpting Experience

Immediately upon arrival at Artemdica Healdsburg, I was impressed with the assistance with the check-in process. The staff at Artemedica, Healdsburg was there to answer any of my questions and help me feel comfortable as soon as I stepped inside. I was a little nervous at first but seeing how nice all the staff was, made me feel so much better during my CoolSculpting Experience.

CoolSculpting Experience

This is the Cool Sculpting Treatment room.  You are provided with a robe, disposable panties and slippers all of which make the experience a bit cozier and comfortable. 

CoolSculpting Experience

I visited during the grand opening festivities so I enjoyed some cookies and other treats for guests! 

CoolScultping Experience
Getting Ready for the CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared process for improving abdominal tone and strengthening muscles. It is essentially freezing your fat in half the time of any other similar processes. 

CoolSculpting Experience

The PRE cool sculpting pics.  

coolScultping Experience

The tummy area (hanging over the underwear) is really what I was targeting. It’s my Chardonnay belly as I like to call it. No matter how much weight I lose or how healthy I eat, I can’t seem to kick the Chardonnay belly. Fast forward to my post results and you’ll see it went away! 

CoolSculpting Experience

Measuring where we want to place the cool sculpting paddles. They are about 2.5 inches by 5-6 inches (a rectangle) and you place them along your tummy area (in my case). We also targeted my love handles.

Starting My First Session

At this point, I am so excited to begin the process and start my first session. The staff has walked me through everything that will happen and I’m ready to begin! As much as I’m a bit nervous as they say, no pain no gain so let the Cool Sculpting begin! Note that after the first treatment I went back 30 days later. They say that it can take 60-90 days (after the first two treatments) to see results which is about when I started seeing the tummy vanishing. I also did this in conjunction with Weight Watchers (something I’ve used over the years to lose 5 or 10 lbs here and there). I have to say the cool sculpting AND the Weight Watchers were the winning combination. Within 3 months my tummy area (the Chardonnay pooch) was gone and I felt great wearing a bikini again.

CoolSculpting Experience

The process does take a few hours so I would recommend bringing a laptop or book with you. If you’re looking for some new books, check out my blog post on The Best Books I Recommend You Read in 2021. 

CoolSculpting Experience

CoolSculpting Experience

Overall, I had a great first session for my CoolSculpting Experience and was really grateful for the staff here for all their help. Go out and schedule your first CoolSculpting Session!

After 90 days I for sure saw the results when I was traveling to Hawaii and on a Cruise in the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises. See the post-Cool Sculpting results below! 

Post Cool Sculptiping Results!

This was taken in late November on a Cruise with Celebrities (read more about that The Celebrity Cruise here), approx 75 days after the treatment. I was told that in order to see the full effects it takes about 60-90 days. What worked for me in conjunction with Cool SCultping was doing Weight Watchers. I ended up losing 10 lbs in about 45 days and that with the cool sculpting reduction of fatwas truly a perfect combination. As you can tell I’m a HUGE fan of Cool SCulpting and believe it works to reduce fat and in my care flatten my tummy (where my problem area was). 

Another post picture shows my flatter stomach.

Thanks to Artemedica Healdsburg for partnering with me on this Sponsored Blog Post and for the complementary treatments. To learn more and get Cool Sculpting, contact Artemedica Healdsburg at  (707) 415-8888. Mention that you learned about them from The JetSetting Fashionista and if you enroll for 2 or more Cool Sculpting Treatments / Placements (a value of $1200 or more) enjoy $250 off your treatments!

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